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The Ultimate Con

Posted in Feature Length Movie by maasanova on December 19, 2007


9/11 remains a hot topic on the internet as well as network and cable tv, however the coverage you will find between the two outlets is as different as night and day. The mainstream media’s coverage of 9/11 upholds the original government theory of Osama Bin Laden and his 19 suicidal highjackers, while the internet offers a myriad of alternative theories that reject the official story. While some theories are more believable than others, the main argument of alternative theories maintain that we were not told the entire story of 9/11.

The Ultimate Con is a brilliant movie made with nothing but various mainstream media clips from the attacks of 9/11 and the subsequent media coverage thereafter. Many of these clips have never been aired since the attacks, and after you view the film, you will understand why.


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Further reading

“Without Precedent:” Sept. 11 Panel Doubted Officials

“WASHINGTON — The Sept. 11 commission was so frustrated with repeated misstatements by the Pentagon and FAA about their response to the 2001 terror attacks that it considered an investigation into possible deception, the panel’s chairmen say in a new book.”

Senior Military, Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Government Officials Question the 9/11 Commission Report

“Many well known and respected senior U.S. military officers, intelligence services and law enforcement veterans, and government officials have expressed significant criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report or have made public statements that contradict the Report.”

Ex-Italian President: Intel Agencies Know 9/11 An Inside Job

“Former Italian President and the man who revealed the existence of Operation Gladio, Francesco Cossiga, has gone public on 9/11, telling Italy’s most respected newspaper that the attacks were run by the CIA and Mossad and that this was common knowledge amongst global intelligence agencies. ”

BBC Responds to Building 7 Controversy; Claim 9/11 Tapes Lost

“The BBC has been forced to respond to footage showing their correspondent reporting the collapse of WTC 7 before it fell on 9/11, claiming tapes from the day are somehow missing, and refusing to identify the source for their bizarre act of “clairvoyance” in accurately pre-empting the fall of Building 7. Here is the BBC’s response to the questions about the footage that was unearthed yesterday, with my comments after each statement.”

We’re not part of a conspiracy. Nobody told us what to say or do on September 11th. We didn’t get told in advance that buildings were going to fall down. We didn’t receive press releases or scripts in advance of events happening.

Apocalypse Of Coercion: Why We Listen to What “They” Say About 9/11

“The secret of mind-control is simple–so simple that Douglas Rushkoff can sum it up in one sentence: “In whatever milieu coercion is practiced, the routine follows the same basic steps: Generate disorientation, induce regression, and then become the target’s transferred parent figure.

Hard-sell car salesmen, CIA interrogators and psychwar ops, and cult leaders have long used this technique. Under coercion, millions of otherwise rational people can be persuaded to act against their own interests–whether by shelling out big bucks for an overpriced lemon, betraying a comrade and a cause, or allowing a gang of criminals to destroy their nation’s Constitution and launch criminal wars of aggression.”


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