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White Al Qaeda? WTF?!?

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on January 22, 2008

by Maasanova

Al Qaeda (Arabic Translation:
the base)

The Fox and Friends news models have recently warned America of an new impeding, dangerous threat to the United States via Great Britain and Europe. As if the threat of Al Qaeda, or as some like to say ‘Al CIA-da,’ could not have gotten anymore cartoonish, we are now supposed to be on the look out for the ‘white Al Qaeda.’

The reports of the white Al Qaeda primarily stemmed from an obscure article from The Scotsman, with the wild claim that around 1,500 British non-Muslim have converted to Islam and been recruited by Al Qaeda. The claims appear largely unsubstantial and aside from Lord Carlile, and independent reviewer of anti-terrorism legislation, their sources are vague and unnamed. In fact, the entire article reeks of fear mongering propaganda, much like the Fox and Friends report.

Admittedly, I’m no expert on terrorism, and some non-Muslims may very well have converted to Islam, but in my opinion, the mainstream media are skating on very thin ice with this ‘white terrorist’ story.

It was only three years ago when two British SAS soldiers were arrested in Basra after impersonating Arabs and shooting Iraqi policemen. A dramatic, but unsuccessful rescue attempt was staged as British Army tanks crushed a prison wall, only to find the prisoners were being detained elsewhere. The whole incident was a nightmare public relations debacle for the British but went largely unreported here in the mainstream media.

Ironically, the Scotsman was one of the main media outlets that tried to explain away the claim that the two SAS soldiers were more than likely staging false flag terror attacks. I would think that the British press would be quick to downplay the fact that they could have homegrown terrorism from people not normally thought to engage in terrorist activities operating in the UK. I would also think that the British press would rather not give anymore conspiracy theory fodder to those that think that the 7/7 bombings were an inside job carried out by British intelligence.

This story would truly be laughable if it didn’t have serious implications for us here in the states. Here we have what looks to be typical Al Qaeda training video that American intelligence just happened to stumble upon, and yet the Fox news models give us zero background on the video. By the way, If you don’t know the story behind the questionable authenticity of the Al Qaeda tapes or Al Qaeda in general then you should read this and this.

We also have a certain subtle talking point in the mainstream media that supporters of presidential candidate Congressman Dr. Ron Paul are dangerous, and could be prone to violent acts of homegrown acts of terrorism. Well, many Ron Paul supporters are young, white and idealistic, just like those crafty ‘white Al Qaeda,’ except that there is zero evidence that a Ron Paul supporter would be prone to violent and homegrown acts of terrorism!

To add to all of this nonsense, we had the most dangerous man in America, Department of Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff, confirming that yes he believes in the ‘white Al Qaeda’, and that he also believes that America faces the threat of homegrown terrorists. And finally we have the Violent Radicalisation and Home Grown Terrorism Prevention Act (also known as the ‘though-crime bill’), which is soon going to be voted on, and possibly passed by our cowardly and mostly treasonous Congress. This bill, which uses vague, Orwellian-esqe language, is know by civil activists as the ‘Patriot Act Lite.’


A warning to the truth movement from Alex Jones (stream) (download)


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  1. Dr Cricket said, on January 24, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Very well written!!! I like the way you think. But when you mention the British press wanting to perhaps downplay the idea of “homegrown terrorist”, you forget that the press there is no different than our press here in the US. They are after one thing and one thing only. RATINGS! Their ultimate job is to try to sell more hairspray, cleaning products, and luxery sedans than the other stations. So be it true or false I have found that the media reports on the stories they believe will get the viewers. Remember Anna Nicole Smith. Of coarse you do, her death dominated the airwaves for months. This time it was “White Al Qaeda” that was more likely to get the ratings than the story of the local fireman pulling a cat from a tree. However if that cat had been named Brittany Spears… well who knows?

  2. cousin squat said, on January 25, 2008 at 4:16 am

    i like this, so much.
    “they’re not muslims. they look just like regular british people.”

    i like how being muslim means not being white (because muslim = arab/some other darkie), and regular british means not being not white.

    and it’s Britons. British people are refered to as Britions, not Britains.

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