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The Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act To Target Critics Of Israel

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on February 6, 2008

by Maasanova

In October of 2007, several special interest groups and non-governmental bodies addressed Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) and the House Committee Homeland Security in a briefing entitled “Use of the Internet by Terrorists.” The round table discussion was to gain congressional support for S. 1959: The Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.

On the surface, the CSPAN broadcast of the briefing appeared to be an innocuous update on extremist groups and their ability to exploit the internet to their advantage. However, a quick look at the cast and characters, as well as the bill itself, reveal the thinly veiled “other purposes” that are mentioned within it. It can be argued that the Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act could very well make any criticism of Zionism, or Israel and their crimes against Palestine, their connections 9/11 and the wars of aggression in the Middle East, illegal.

Mark Weitzman’s ill prepared Powerpoint presentation was clear about one thing only: groups with internet sites that present a different view of the official 9/11 Commission’s account of the 9/11 conspiracy, and more importantly, those who blame the Jews are the radical homegrown terrorists to which the bill refers. And just who is this Mark Weitzman, and what makes him an authority radical homegrown terrorism?

Mark Weitzman is the Director of the Hate & Terrorism Task Force of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, which focuses on confronting antisemitism, Holocaust denial, teaching the holocaust to future generation and most importantly, standing with Israel.

According to The Wiesenthal Center’s bio, it features an all-day program called Tools for Tolerance, which has trained over 100,000 professionals, including educators and, in partnership with the State of California, individuals in law enforcement in exploring issues of diversity and tolerance, as well as cooperation in the workplace and in the community.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, for it’s seemingly good intentions, is not without it’s critics. The Institute For Historical Review (IHR) maintains that the Wiesnthal Center makes “a false pretense of concern for humanity” while “supporting Israel’s policies of oppression, occupation, dispossession, and institutionalized discrimination against non-Jews.” The IHR also claims that The Wiesethal Center rakes in about $10 million of its 27 million in revenue through taxpayer funds.

We Are Change, a nationwide 9/11 political activist group, attempted to reach out to Mark Weitzman to promote an open dialog in hopes to come to some sort of understanding. Richard Gage AIA, founder of Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth, whose organization’s website was promoted alongside Jihadist websites, responded to Weitzman and called for an apology from the Wiesnthal Center. To this date, the Weisenthal Center has failed to responded to either group’s gestures of good will.

Counter-terrorism specialist and SITE Institute co-founder Rita Katz has a particularly interesting background. Katz was born to wealthy Jewish parents in Iraq, but fled to Israel after her father was executed for allegedly spying for Israel. The SITE Institute provides “numerous daily translations of terrorist propaganda and multimedia from primary source terrorist website” and is an Israeli-connected intelligence operations that sometimes receives government contracts. SITE Institute is most known for providing the audio translation of the infamous fake beard’ Osama bin Laden video of September 2007. Katz is regularly criticized throughout the blogosphere for over-hyping terror threats to the three-letter fear mongering media outlets.

Bruce Hoffman currently holds a chair in counterterrorism and counterinsurgency with the global thinktank, the RAND Corporation. The RAND Corporation is one of the many non-governmental bodies of the Military Industrial Complex who profit from government contracts to “study” terrorism, and the war on terror. Journalists Jessica Lee of Indypendent and Kamau Karl Franklin of the Center for Constitutional Rights maintain that the Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act was more than likely co-penned by RAND.

Bruce Hoffman is also known for his statements on the 2001 anthrax attacks. After the FBI trailed the weaponized grade anthrax directly back to the US military base Ft. Dietrick, MD, the case suddenly went cold. Hoffman says, “The investigation ran into a brick wall. In retrospect, it looks like a perfect crime.”

While the case officially remains unsolved, a slew of independent investigators, journalists, bloggers and conspiracy theorists maintain that for all practical purposes, the case is either solved or being covered up. The History Channel recently aired a broadcast where an interviewee said the anthrax attacks led to inside involvement and were an definitely an ‘inside job.’

Finally, there’s Jane Harmon, who introduced HR. 1955/S.1955 along with Subcommittee Ranking Member Dave Reichert (R-WA). In 2006 Harmon, along with the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), was investigated by the FBI and the Justice Department for possibly violating the law in a scheme to get Harman reappointed as the top Democrat on the House intelligence committee. Harmon holds deep ties not only with AIPAC, but with the RAND Corporation as well.

The The Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act can only mean one thing: restricting Americans First Amendment rights selectively, or at the very least, creating a climate of fear when it comes to criticizing Israel and the government’s support of the Zionist regime.


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  1. justinhahn said, on February 12, 2008 at 9:06 am

    it’s kinda long. i lost interest, to tell you the truth. but i got far enough to have issue with the verb “exploit.” it simply means to use for ones own purposes (usually at the expense of what’s being exploited). that’s what everyone does on the internet, and exploit has a negative, almost sinister connotation these days.

    honestly, i think you’d do a more valueable service to the world by blogging about getting out of the system instead of tweaking it a bit.
    all their constructs are impressive, yeah; but only when you believe they exist and obey them.

    what’s your address? i want to send you a book.

  2. NickH said, on February 16, 2008 at 4:08 am

    As for the new bill, yeah, I think I told you that it is a bunch of horse shit and I don’t believe for a second anything the Wiesenthal Center says for a second. Any organization that brings up 50 year old shit this much has issues other than “anti-semiticism.” Oh, and I do think they are exploiting something–my constitution.

  3. Erica said, on March 4, 2008 at 3:36 am

    Do you have any updated information about the status of the bill?

  4. […] Remember that it was Mark Weitzman from the Simon Weisenthal Center who said testified before the ultra Zionist Jane Harman and equated 9/11 Truth with Muslim extremist groups under the The Violent Radicalisation and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act […]

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