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FKN Newz – No War In Iran Says Warmongers

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on March 15, 2008

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Also, the image below is in know way promoting Nazism or hatred of any race or religion. The person in the image is Pope Joseph Ratzinger, who, believe it or not was a member of Hitler’s Nazi Youth beginning at age 14. The following clip, dubbed “a comedy of half-truths” comes highly recommended if you are into the satirical styings of Steven Cobert or John Stewart’s Daily Show.

“No war with Iran say warring warmongering warmongers from Wartime HQ…World banking conspiracy er I mean co-operation to print more debt I mean money…New sins announced by medieval voodoo organisation headed by former nazi…In The UK Oath to the queen and treason law reform for land less peasant fuks

Thanks…and now the weather! The planets fucked, it’s your fault and it’s getting worse! Join me again next week to see if doing nothing helps! Have a nice weekend!”

FKN Newz


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