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How To Win A War The Neoconservative Way

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on March 27, 2008

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Note: You will only begin to imagine how sick all of this is when you understand that most of the following was done on purpose! Click on each link for the details.

Start a War based on lies plus

Alienate all your European Allies plus

Piss off the whole Muslim world plus

Save money on protective gear and Hummvees plus

Totally ignore the Shia and Sunni conflict in the region plus

Totally ignore the Kurdish and Turkish conflict plus

Ignore security and rule of law in postwar Iraq plus

Dissolve the Iraqi Police for more crime plus

Dissolve the Iraqi Military for more crime plus

Torture your prisoners and take snaps for everybody plus

Ignore war crimes of your own troops plus

Forget to secure huge amount of weapons and ammo plus

Ruin your own military plus

Start a job boom for Blackwater and other mercenaries plus

Make Halliburton even richer plus

Funnel Billions of Dollars to contractors who waste the money plus

Encourage a culture or corruption in Iraq plus

Blame everything on Iran and al-Qaeda plus

Promise to pay insurgents to fight for you – and then don’t pay plus

Lay the foundation for another war in the region plus

Mission accomplished!!!


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