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My blog was under surveillance by the Air Force Information Warfare Center

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on June 10, 2008

Last night, I was checking my blog stats as I normally do and I found that the Air Force Information Warfare Center (AFIWC) had visited my Blogger page. Clicking the URL from where the AFIWC entered my page took me directly to my own Gmail account, which led me to believe that either the individual from the AFIWC is a subscriber of my blog’s e-mail service, or that the individual had hacked my e-mail account.

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This isn’t the first time that a government agency has visited my blog. In April of 2008, the Department of Justice and Department of Health and Human Services (National Institutes of Health) stopped by for visits.

This latest visit by the Air Force Information Warfare Center was a bit different. According to an article from Wired’s blog on National Security, The Danger Room, the The Air Force Network Operations Center had blocked access to most blogs including Blogger, YouTube and MySpace. Yet, AFIWC accessed one of my pages on the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act.

Based on the blog stats, the most visited pages of Under The Radar Media are my write ups on the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. The act of course, was stalled in the Senate when there was widespread opposition from bloggers, civil rights activists and lawyers, who all say that it targets the internet for censorship under the guise of fighting imaginary terrorists, 9/11 Truth activists and other so- called dangerous extremists who use the internet to spread propaganda.

If you would like to read more on the Air Force Information Warfare Center click here.

“The Air Force Network Operations Center provides command and control operation and security of the Air Force Network to ensure its availability for Air, Space, and Information Operations.”


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  1. adap2k said, on July 6, 2008 at 5:03 am

    Hey there. Good work on the urban movers! My site had CIA hits yesterday. Hi boys.

  2. maasanova said, on March 12, 2009 at 5:21 am

    Comment from Pete moved from my “About Page”

    Let me tell you briefly about what led me to check your site. Several years ago I submitted to the National Archives my comprehensive studies on the darkroom forgeries known as the Autopsy Photos of President Kennedy. I received a strong commendation from old line researchers, with whom I have collaborated on laying out the myriad other photo doctorings in the film and still collection of that terrible day in Dallas. After seeing how Lee Oswald was treated after his arrest when I was ten years old I knew something was wrong, but after studying the case recently as described, i saw his treatment repeated in the media and FBI holding up of Dr. Steven Hatfill when they first started their attempts to screw him to the wall. As a result, I forced the FBI off their insane juggernaut using most ingenious methods, too complex for this note. I also convinced his lawyers to represent him for free, and gave them essential photos I took off the TV that played a great role in letting his successful lawsuit to proceed beyond the hearing stage. I also laid out in the most puiblic fashion possible here in Washington DC that the most probale soure of the anthrax mailed would be the black budget labs, most liely Dugway Proving Grounds. This was correct, but the flask with Dugway ‘thrax in poor Dr Ivins’ lab was too old. Dugway itself and people running it and above it somehwere were involved in a very professional and very militarily efficent manner. You know the FBU murdered him, of course… they very deliberately drove him to suicide. Be that as it was, I refused to “get into” 9/11 ’cause I done enough, man. But, no, those “old line researchers” got to me and said, “Pete – you’ve gotta take a look and tell us what you think.”

    Yeah, well, after about 1,000 Youtibe videos later, I was left with one thing that seemed supremely probable – and I said to myself “There has to be some kind of Information Warfare Center.” Amazingly enough, my screen snips from Youtibe videos that went into the proof bin I labeled “Information Warfare Center”. Just as a lark thinking some kind of Google connection might lead somehow to said hypothetical center, I typed in these words. Good God!!! I was returning tonite to find their hiring site (!) in which I saw words to the effect “the IWC seeks to assure that the perceptions, thinking, reactions, and behaviors are properly aligned through the mastery and control of all visual imagery in a contested region.”

    Like South Manhattan. Let me close by refering you to a site that after seeing the thousand stands out as the number one on the 9/11 reality. “Comparison Vid – The WTC planned Demolition.” I did not know what high tech demo cutting charges looked like when they go off, but the author uses a video of a building in Texas that has a very similar facade as a Twin Tower, albeit far smaller. I know what they look like now, and I know them when I see them in the Twin Towers, too. And after they go off, a puff of debris and its falling away are usually present. See “What we Saw” the long version. Most closeup shows some at some poin in the North Tower. Then look up “Thermate 9/11”. You will not be happy with what you see. The waterfall of molten metal you will find is of a COLOR TEMPERATURE well over 3,000 degrees.

    Nonetheless, all things lead to the phony “live” shots of the Twin Towers”. While I don’t think thesubsituted images really changed anything substantial ( I could be wrong) it seems for sure that the true perps wanted to demonstrte their ability to obtain “Total Imagery COntrol” as well as test it in the most daring way possible. The glitches and innumerable weirnesses in the video of that day lead one inexorably to the existance of a secret , well, “information warfare center.” Why Air Force, I reasoned? Well, whatever hit the South Tower was a military version of a Boeing 767 replete with a huge honkin’ POD attached to the right wiing root. That means the true United jet was met up with whatever hit the South Tower, and then flew on, to a tragic, probably nitrogen-purged final stop. The only folk who could arrange such a swap would be attached to the Air Force. And I recalled the AF’s recent TV ads about how they “counter a million hacker attacks on the USA every day.”

    So, then, be careful about these Info Warfare people. Someone or someones in that very organization was involved in the supreme treason and despicable murderous actions of the powermad at the so-called “top.” And recall the Air Forces’ recent blasphemous self-praising motto – “ABOVE ALL.” Comparison Vid – WTC demolition. That is the most important film, photo, or video thing I have ever seen in my life in that unlike the JFK assassination which we can’t do anything about, with 9/11 we still can. BE CAREFUL _ VERY CAREFUL.

    Best Regards, Pete

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