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The Economy: How The Shadow Government F***ed America

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on September 19, 2008

Economy: How They Fucked You, Second Edition.
Ryan Dawson

Are we a gambling nation? Do we let speculators drive us into the ground by making bets on what was nothing but predatory lending from the beginning? Don’t you want to know where the money went? Don’t you want to know who the shadow economy is comprised of and maybe where they live?


Just look at the economy today with private equity firms collecting from venture capitalists then hedging bets on loans backed by nothing then they avoid state regulations by re-naming insurance policies as ‘credit default swaps.’ Then they had the audacity top sell the securities to more speculators like they were stocks. The Fed raises interest rates, the banks foreclose, the speculators get bailed out and guess who is stuck with the bill?

On top of that the Fed prints new money to pay off the old ponzy scheme and causes inflation, so you the consumer get hit twice. Watch as gas and food rises in spikes. It used to be that companies made profits by making and selling products not by selling hedges, shorts, etc to speculators who are not even betting on price changes but on loan re-payments. It’s insane. And the sub-prime bubble (which was way lower than sub-prime) is just the tip of the iceberg. They did this same scheme on all types on loans, cars, land, other assets, students loans, you name it, they did it.

Thank you idiot John “Shylock” McCain and his economic adviser Phil Gramm (Bilderburg tool of Goldman & Sachs) who allowed the deposit banks and investment banks to wing together and got rid of all the oversight over the predatory lending. Secretive bets are made off the books in “investment vehicles” and then secured with Credit Default Swaps. That is fancy talk for they are raping you in the ass. Do you really want an economy driven by what is essentially gambling rather than actual product sales? It’s corrupt from top to bottom.

Speculation is not work and produces Nothing. They just try to make money by gambling. Buying stock is different. With that you invest money in a company that actually produces and sell something to use. They use your money to exspand and sell more goods. But betting on mortgages is nothing but pure gambling. And they lost which is why regular gambling is illegal. However this is not even fair gambling because here they are gambling with other people’s money and other people’s jobs. Freeze short sales and speculation. Ban “investment vehicles” and make people earn money by labor and services rather than just by getting rich by being rich.

On top of that there is the war profiteering, total insider trading, no-bid contracts… etc I went over that as simply as possible here.


I was recently looking at the case of Cape Hatteras. And let this serve as a microcosm for the macrocosm.

We all know this is about a billion dollar industry and a scheme to privatize public land and manipulate real estate.

Eco-groups are just fronts that federally-linked businesses use to manipulate the use and value of land. When you look at their board of directors they have overlapping memberships some of them are even married to each other. If we had a functional media this would all be explained. But as it stands now Americans have no clue what is going on. I am mad as Hell. No one is listening to us. You know the last thing maybe that we have got to run for office ourselves. Put someone in office who can see through their schemes and will call them out on it right then and there. Put someone in office who you know will promote the interests of your area and will go on the offense against these front groups.

Our congress aside form Ron Paul and a sprinkle of others, is economically retarded. They have no idea what is going on and they let the lawyers of the bankers write their bills. The US public a portion of it is starting to understand the Fed or at least that it is bad. Thats about all we need however. The Revolution lives on.

Each one Teach one.


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  1. Anonymous said, on September 20, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    that was a really great video. Thanks for the explanation. Those bastards shouldn’t be allowed to get away with this, yet they do.

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