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Israel applauds Puppet Obama’s warmongering National Security staff

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on December 2, 2008

by Maasanova

In an article from the Jerusalem Post entitled J’lem mostly pleased with Obama’s choices, we find that Israel approves of Obama’s appointments of a cast of neoliberal banking sock-puppets and war hawks. In the beginning of the 2008 election season, the general population of Israel seemed to be very skeptical of Barack Obama. It wasn’t until the midway point of the elections where Obama, like all US political figures, was brought before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and forced to bow and scrape for the very powerful Jewish vote. Then, and only then did other prominent Jewish figures endorse Obama and thus ensuring the first man of a non-Anglo ethnicity to be elected President of the United States.

The deal seems to have been made long ago

The fix was in

However, while Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is merely satisfied by the rest of the team, he holds the appointment of Senator Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State the most vital to the Jewish State.

Olmert says:

“Sen. Clinton is a friend of the State of Israel and the Jewish People and I am sure that – in her new position – she will continue to advance the special Israel-US relationship.”

It is Clinton the die hard Zionist who will ensure that Obama will not be able to push Israel around. It is Clinton who will ensure that Obama will march American soldiers into Iran and die for Israel’s security should Israel demand it. It is Clinton who will ensure that Obama lets the nuclear genie out of the bottle should Israel demand it. It is Clinton who will ensure that Obama’s promise of ‘change’ remains nothing but a t-shirt and bumper sticker slogan.

The Jerusalem Post writes:

“There is also satisfaction that the team Obama picked represents more continuity than change, at least as far as Middle East policy is concerned.

Obama’s campaign theme of change did not resonate well in Jerusalem, if only because Israel was happy with the status quo with Washington.”

But the State of Israel is especially relieved that there is not only one appointment, but two, who will continue the wholesale slaughter of Arabs and continue to allow Israel’s slow motion genocide of the Palestinians.

Clinton will be filling the shoes of former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton and genuine war criminal, Madeline Albright. Of course Albright is known for her admission that the sanctions that led to the death of at least 500,000 Iraqis, mostly children, “was worth it.” You can watch the sickening video by clicking here.

And unfortunately for Arab nations, and any other nations not yet under the control of the central bank cartels, Albright’s protege and war criminal in training, Susan M. Rice has also been appointed to Obama’s national security team. Under Bill Clinton, Rice played an influential role in not stopping the 1994 genocide of Rwanda. But Rice has more or less promised to do a better job next time.

Finally, for anyone who doesn’t already know that Israel dominates US foreign policy via Jewish American special interests groups, please take some time and listen to the following short audio lectures in streaming or mp3 downloads.

Greg Felton-How Israel’s Fifth Column Consumed America

The Israel Lobby


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