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Enter the cyberwar war of public opinion over Gaza

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on January 14, 2009
Click here for the poll

Click here for the poll

by Maasanova

Note: I commissioned a poll with Buzzdash, an online polling service but since WordPress doesn’t accept its HTML text you’ll have to click here to cast your vote.

As Time has recently reported, there is a vicious online war being carried out on forums, blogs and social networks as a result of the Israeli incursion of Gaza. Bloggers, amature as well as professional are having a war of words on a multitude of topics including the Hama’s use of human shields, the launching of thousands of katyusha rockets, to Israel’s disproportionate use of force, chemical weapons such as depleted uranium and white phosphorus and the intentional targeting of civilians.

Just like in real life on the battlefield, the Israeli online presence is well equipped and is the most well funded propaganda machine in world history. They have an multitude of highly educated, well respected writers as well as politicians and entertainers worldwide that they can tap to voice support in their behalf. They take advantage of software tools such as Megaphone, a desktop tool that alerts users to participate in online polls and discussion in favor of Israel. They have had operatives infiltrate college campuses, where free speech is encouraged in an attempt to monitor instructors who are critical of Israeli politics. And probably the most powerful move that put their enemies in check was the Zionist ADL’s power grab which has allowed them pick and choose which videos that want removed, and the Jewish Internet Defense League’s hacking of Facebook accounts  all under the pretext of fighting hate speech/thought crime.

On the opposite side of the battlefield there is strong opposition that may not be as well funded but no less formidable. The comparison could be easily compared to the biblical parable “David and Goliath,” only if the irony wasn’t so rich.


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