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Houston school feels the pressure for supporting Palestinians

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on February 10, 2009



Obama remained mostly silent during the three week Gaza slaughter

Parents of the suburban  school Klein High in Houston, TX played the tired card of anti-Semitism when a story reported in the school’s newspaper showed solidarity with the Palestinian people rather than the Israelis during the January 2009 Gaza slaughter. Apparently, in Houston schools, just like in the mainstream media you are only allowed one point of view when it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: the Jewish narrative or no narrative at all.

The controversy began when Halleh Ghaemi, the school’s sports editor published a story in the Klein Bearchat entitled “Students protest for Palestine freedom”. Some student’s parents thought that coverage of a January 9, 2009 pro-Palestinian rally was promoting anti Semitism because the writer didn’t include the complete history of the Six Day Israel-Arab War of 1967.

Anti Semitism, or rather criticism of Israel and/or Jews is considered by many around the world as one of the worst crimes imaginable; even worse than using white phosphorous on unarmed civilians. The crime of Anti Semitism has no real legal definition,  yet groups like the anti-Defamation League of B’nai-B’rith continually seek to redefine Anti Semitism to where it will eventually encompass terrorism, anti-Zionism and ultimately criticism against the Jewish State of Israel.  YouTube, currently being controlled by the ADL, is one of the major internet portals where you can have your account banned for posting material that can be perceived as anti-Semitic or by presenting a different view of Israel other than the one portrayed, or rather covered up by the American mainstream.

At the time of this writing I was unable to obtain a copy of the school newspaper for any general or historical accuracy, but I am almost 100% sure that the story did not contain the treacherous Israeli attack on the USS Liberty which killed 34 American sailors. I support Klein High School academic adviser Terri Hall and her efforts in helping to bring to light the American albatross that is the State of Israel to a younger, broader audience and I hope that other courageous educators and students make their voices heard.


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