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Arrest of tax evaders reconfirms US government’s illegitimacy

Posted in Corruption, Uncategorized by maasanova on March 9, 2009


"It's ok, none of us pay taxes!"

While surfing Current this weekend, I found a story which gives us a harsh reminder that when it comes to taxes and crime in the United States, there are a different set of rules when it comes to the commoners verses politicians and public servants. This weekend a group  calling themselves the Sovereign Movement were arrested in a sting operation, were dubbed by the media as “anti-government”  terrorists  and charged with trying to overthrow the government with “paper terrorism. ” The Nevada Joint Terrorism Task Force charges the group who’s members included a sixty-five year old man,  with terrorism, weapons possession and tax evasion. Wait, tax evasion?

That’s right, tax evasion; the same charge that was levied against no less than two members of the Obama administration and three to join the staff. Why isn’t the Illinois Joint National Terrorism Task Force probing the fact that there seems to be no record of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel ever having paid property taxes on his home. And what about our current treasury secretary and the former head of the Private Federal Reserve Bank of New York , Timothy Geithner and his $34,000 in unpaid taxes?  The controlled media may have reported that Geithner was a tax cheat but they would never dare to accuse him of committing paper terrorism or plotting to overthrow the government!

Yes, I know that this is probably common knowledge to many of you and perhaps I am just stating the obvious, but this is mostly for the people who may not have thought to put two and two together. If you don’t already know, tax revolts are to be the start of a public uprising against this criminal, illegitimate government of ours and the reason these clowns from the Sovereign Movement were busted was obviously to make and example of them and to send a clear message to us, the plebs.


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