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The Obama Deception

The Obama Deception: About the film

The Obama Deception is a hard-hitting film that completely destroys the myth that Barack Obama is working for the best interests of the American people.

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The Obama phenomenon is a hoax carefully crafted by the captains of the New World Order. He is being pushed as savior in an attempt to con the American people into accepting global slavery.

We have reached a critical juncture in the New World Order  plans.  It’s not about Left or Right:  it’s about a One World Government.  The international banks plan to loot the people of the United States and turn them into slaves on a Global Plantation.

Covered in this film:  who Obama works for, what lies he has told, and his real agenda.  If you want to know the facts and cut through all the hype, this is the film for you.

Watch the Obama Deception and learn how:

  • Obama is continuing the process of transforming America into something that resembles Nazi Germany, with forced National Service, domestic civilian spies, warrantless wiretaps, the destruction of the Second Amendment, FEMA camps and Martial Law.
  • Obama’s handlers are openly announcing the creation of a new Bank of the World that will dominate every nation on earth through carbon taxes and military force.
  • International bankers purposefully engineered the worldwide financial meltdown to bankrupt the nations of the planet and bring in World Government.
  • Obama plans to loot the middle class, destroy pensions and federalize the states so that the population is completely dependent on the Central Government.
  • The Elite are using Obama to pacify the public so they can usher in the North American Union by stealth, launch a new Cold War and continue the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The information contained in this film is vital to the future of the Republic and to freedom worldwide. President Barack Obama is only the tool of a larger agenda.

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  1. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 1, 2010 at 3:02 pm

    The State Of Arizona and Defending American Borders, Forgein Invasion-

    Equally a concern, where illegal immigration(s) and tax invasion; and other unlawful violations by the federal govenment; they, failure to obey the Homeland Security! It’s current democratic majority has failed- everyone. . . this especially defending the american citizens.

    To John McCain, Jon Kyl, and Joe Apriao,

    “Legal Defence For the State Of Arizona.”

    The Act Of State Congress (article 5), it can approve the proposal of these said admendments.

    HomeLand Security- D.O.D.

    Granting the “State The Right,” of jurisdiction to declare that it was necessary by staute for “Homeland Security,” and in prevetion from “invasion,” wherfore the “state of arizona; by force,” was to to defend itself within their legal jurisdiction.

    The Federal Government under it’s current democratic legislators; this administration; “failed” to apply apporiperate legislation; Such, Illegal Immigration’s.

    Futhermore, excactly by number of it’s order; the constitution; It hereby directly implies that “all natural” born citizens; Article 14 Sect 1, Exclusive.

    That implied directly, US Constitution those by legal definition 18 yrs of age, shalt not be deprived of Liberty, Life Or Freedom. The exact order of sequence- cannot be denied. Article, 15 follows the numerical order of its legal defintion, application specific to those law abiding. Therefore, article 14 Sect; superceeds the post-immunity clause.

    The Case Ruling-

    The Order Of Sequence- Article 14, then as directl stated; and implied to be followed.

    By Article 15 US Constitution; grantiong such rights; here with-in legal grounds .

    that such right’s expressed, ought to be legally entitled; exclusive to Natural Born Citzens of America- Not Mexico, and that the proclomation immancipation based on it’s legal requirement to have been followed in order to be limited to such legal protections under the constitution.

    The US Supreme Court.

    The Court will acknowlege by article 14 Sect, 1 and its due process- that the
    Federal Government did not have the state of Arizona, better interest’s in mind, agian forcing the state to resume its legal authority.

    * Arizona in due right- legal process in demanding that illegal immigration be addressed; HOMELAND SECURITY~ agian, The Federal Government Has Failed- fairly represent the legal citizens of Arizona.

    The US SUPREME COURT- Therefore Granting that Arizona; Article 5 sect, *26 ; specifically guarantee’s the right of jurisdiction; left to defend, and to act upon itself. Arizona- by due process has followed the proceedure of law; and has under such provisions “Homeland Security,” and farily applied under the US Constitution, and faced with the duty of upholding the laws and in enforcing the provisions by approperiate legislation.

    The power with Arizona statutes –

    This State Arizona, They did (not) in fact violate the consitutuion, but upheld; but by force had acted upon legal grounds, and and its lawful authority to also regulate it’s tax, and commerce; and soley acted responsibly under the due process of law and matters of its national defence; under such, direction followed the actions declared in the Homeland Security Act.


    Agian, The Federal Government did not provide- for such protections; Homeland Security; as such provisons by the acting administration did not act upon the colour of law.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa, Y.O.G.I (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party; and
    campaign supporters.

  2. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 1, 2010 at 6:00 pm

    The Department Of Homeland Security-

    Warning- Travel To The Country Of Mexico!
    Article 2 US Constitution.

    Hard Facts:

    The theat’s made by the mexican president, “Felipe Cardrone” shouldn’t be taken lightly.

    It note’s serious indication of iireputable harm, in matters effecting the united states as a whole. More seriously it is matter of intimidation of the mexican president deliberate refusal to take responsibility for the acts of rebellion and crimes committed against of the mexican federally acting out against american citizen’s should be preseved as hoistile- In the past years crime along the mexican border have steadily esculated- including of such crime’s as constued as treason against american citizens.

    These crimes including brutal rapes, murder and espionage.

    Agian, i have made mention- Western Union; and other banking institution(s)
    they have been known transfer of monies via telecheck; and are stations that wish to cause
    irreputable harm- including funds for drug trafficing; firearms, and human and sex trade slavery, using department revenue to conduct their illegal activities.

    I have agian, and clearly able to prove that “Mr Felipe Caldrone” he doesn’t wish to cooperate-

    Therefore it should be constuted as a post-revolutionary war.

    This shouldn’t be restricted to put in the least the US Government at High alert- In deployment of troops to defend not- only defend, but invade the country of mexico; if the president is not wishing to cooperate- and in writing an alleged agreement to control his jurisdiction(s). As for the alleged criminals and the corruptions- in direct connection with the Mexican Federalies.

    These are “war crimes” and it will be ordered by the Federal United States Govermnet-
    those responsible for the murder’ and torture of innocent american civilans shall face indictment and immediatley brought to justice!

    Mr President, This shall not be tollerated by the united states, and it should be adressed by the federal government (!) By the writ of “madamus” we the people command you to act with full force and coroperatrion of The United State Military. We need to insist you take immediate action to prevent further hostile; and actions that do concern the people; and indeed does put this nation at highest security alert!

    ( The Warnings)

    The Country of Mexico- Is the next Iran/Iraq contraversy- “Filpe Cardon,” arms deals- and the violation(s) of a more serious nature including harm to american visitors; this has been ignored.

    The arreignments for a Peace treaty conference?

    These are the penaties; it will be severe- and he’ll “Felipe Caldrone,” will face immediate retalation of the united states and by military force, if necessary. His decloration’s indicate of war and all our resonable means have been exahsted. This and all others matter the rules of engagement will be fully exercised. Otherwise, its threat puts the lives of americans in jeapordy!

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of “Federalist” Party- and it’s special address to the Department Of Defence- * John McCain.

  3. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 1, 2010 at 6:26 pm

    The Amesty Bill.

    Immigration Naturization Income Tax-

    Legal Explanation,
    The application and income tax requiremnts.

    Requirement Of State Sponsorship- Their residency.

    By due process – those appying for immigation visa- all the terms and conditions satisfied, of the immigration requirements, and in seccion as revised by article 12, sect 3, article 5, and in determining, their rights- if any- have satisfied the requirments imposed by state, and federal law. Limitation of property- voting privilages; until 5 yr completion of the proclomation immancipation act. These statutes, applied article 14, Sect. 3, must have concurred in their legal rights and requirments for US Citizenship. In having obtained state sponsorship- a self effeceint program that doesn’t burden the american taxpayers; and those becooming immancipated self suffecent; providing tax paid into for program and state availability.

    Meanwhile, by their state of residency and taxes imposed; otherwise, determined citizenship was declared illegally and then in concordance they will face deportation- w/ fines, imprisonsment or both for any violations of crimes committed.

    The End Of Report.

    Very Truly, Yours- Robert Lane Aiassa

    (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party- and Supporters For True Change; moving forward- and Defending Americans and The US Constitution For Border Control- Homeland Security.

  4. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 1, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    The Federal Department Of Homeland Security-

    * Helping Stop- The Mexican Drug/ Human Trafficing.

    All States- ARS- USMJ Civil codes, and Article 10 US Constitution.


    The Federal Requirment of 7-10 day hold on all monies being transfered via- *Westen Union, Money Gram, INC., violations, FDIC Trade Laws, for tax invasion, and endorsement of illegal activities. This is a well known method for the transfer to finance mexican drug cartels. These are federal violations that may have occured within your state; and other boarders along the country of mexico. Human Trade Slavery. Thus, will be a manditory for The Department of Homeland Security, (D.O.D) to address for the prevention of terrorism, and money laundering outfits. This Will Act- A Manditory -hold- Western Union Transfers, outside US Territory. Not limited to State and Federal Tax Verifications, money laudering. The IRS- can and will impose serious fines under Article 17 US Constituiton, and severe penalties imposed. This may be imposed against “any” banking or credit institution (s) THAT DO NOT Comply With The Requirment of All Laws.

    Lets get this bill passed and put the rights of americans first.

    The Republic Of The United States Of America,
    Who’s bigger the government, or the people, by the people of our government.
    United We Stand- Strong!

    Defending Our Nations Borders-

    The Republic Of The United States of America!

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa, Y.O.G.I (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Parties, and Campaign Supporters.

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  5. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 1, 2010 at 6:47 pm

    The Congressional Challenge.
    Washington, DC, District No. 20105

    :::: 2012 ::::

    There are 435 member’s to The House of Representatives, and electoral points available during national election determining the president,

    Artice II, sect I, and amandment 12- (Ratification) by power of congress, Article V, applied by article 1-3, United States Constitution.

    The Reform, And The Electoral College-

    Each District and the Representatives chosen by the the people example= (1pt) 500,000 per district elcectoral points.

    That declares that each district; is eligible to receive on electoral point, and individuals votes cast by the people, decides for vote- for their district, equally represented by the people, in all of the 50 states.

    The US Federal Government.

    The power of the people- (your vote) it “will not,” be silenced, and by it’s electors by district, in any given state and or its right to indepence; based upon the states people; it’s district primary delegations.

    All electoral pts, each district, the votes tallied- ending the problems w/ time zones.

    That a first, second, or third party- implied can hold * Keep* their electoral point’s earned; troughout the remainder of the election.

    Always to be chosen by the repective rights of the people, and it’s district electoral delegations by the number of vote’s recieved in determining the president; and ending the boggel of the * time zones.

    The Admendment Will Be Adopted- As` The Clean Elections Act; in all 50 ot the united states.

    Ending, THE ONE PARTY MAJORITY.. each state, take’s all of the electoral points.

    Each district- in any given election, or state w/o its represenative districts, to demand itself- shall not declare itself as the acting majority (!)

    Thus chosen, by the people/district and demanding that it’s represenatives; and be addresssed acting upon their behalf- by due process, and collected as defined the united states constitution, acrost all the fifty states and independence; preventing it’s self from corruption by the Federal Government.

    Public Disclosure of Campaign Contributions;

    * Eg. The Clean elections Act.

    Simply- Thus counts, ONE ELECTORAL POINT- In Each District, based how the people choose to vote- 50 States.

    The other district-

    (if) votes for a democratic, republican, or independent= regardless, (1 point) earned per, each district- a true vote by the people.

    The voted tallied, counted- * kept as key individual delegations, pts earned, towards the presidental vote .

    The total votes aren’t added up the total (435 pts) based upon the number of delegations earned in their district. Total all 50 states; until the end of an any given general election night; and points possible.

    They cannot be declared a party majority- in any state) (!)

    The Independence of the State Birth Right (s) of each and every district, of all 50 state (s) for freedom from corruption of the federal government, and in demanding that article V, sect 11- shall not be abridged.

    That it is guaranteed to that by the people; each state, its district; and or party affirmation
    The voice of the people (!)

    That all 50 states, rerserve’s the right, acting as independent.

    (ARTICLE 10 US Constitution)

    and the states decloration for its necessarity to remain independ as a sovern state and the peoples rights, by the US Constitution.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The “Federalist” Party- 11/4/2009

  6. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 1, 2010 at 7:16 pm


    “Repeal- The 16th Admendment.”
    The States Shall Ratify By Article V, Sect 26-

    To enforce there provisons of its great excess shall it not impose upon the states laws; and over tax it citzens causing great financial duress; to its tax payers; for its indebtedness, that no intrests rates exceed; in US Dollars. That congress reserves the right and it’s obligation to the people; to enforce there provisions restricting any private agency; or banking institution from unlawfully imposing upon ones liberty. That Congress may, and legal right to challenge; to establish it’s federal reserves. Article V, Sect 26, to enforce such provisons and necessary by approperiate legislations, and has absolute authority to regulate tax ( The IRS) and appoint its commerce.

    We Will Stop The Abuse- The Federal Reserves.
    Jp Morgan, AIG, Chase- Manhatten Banks,

    The power of (EA) State has power over the federal reserves and immediatley reduce the high interests rate! The state may intervene to protect the citizens from unlawful tax or (%) indebtenous to the tax payers; poverty, and the state may set forth guidlines, and reduce incurred debts set forth by its own standards including escrow accounts, morgage and credit card interests, and requirment of law in prevention of financial duress to the economy!

    By Act of Congress- will deny by legal challenge- IRS- Banking Institutions,
    Stop- The Bail Outs!

    The People-
    And The Power Of The Vote!
    The Republic Of The United States- We Will Stand Strong!

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa Y.O.G.I (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party- and Campaign Supporters.

  7. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 4, 2010 at 12:03 pm

    Defending The United States Constitution.

    “Marbury V Madison”

    By Congress to challenge- Article VI United States Constitution.

    The Case Of Marbury Vs Madison.

    THE~ THREE JUDGES ACT~ Article V- 18 USCA 1881, Trumps.

    The Repealing And Validity Of it’s Ratifications-

    “Checks And Balances.”

    The US Constitution and The Declaration Of Independence.

    This Is A Legal Agrument-

    To challenge congress; by article VI in the gross oversite- Thus, congress, and it’s senate by adopting this admendment 2/3 of vote. May; and have authority, to prevent, The mass or ill effect acting out against the integrity, The US Constitutional and in the legal declaration the repective rights to preserve the articles of confederation- the nations law decaring the states independence.

    We will stand in by our independence of it’s country- and respective of it’s citizens.

    Legal Test:
    This tort, may be used to declare:

    The appointment, * Removal, Judicary Members- thus challenge by their appointments by the president, and can be challenged by its commerce in a senate majority in determining their legal competence to remain in power to prevent abuse of it’s authority, in reviewing or ratifying, such admendments determinded by the us supreme court- and imposing such actions against the will and integrity of its ruling of the constitution; mass in power on the judicary branch of these privilages.

    The limitation of terms service; to be identified of limitations of its statutes, its council, public, and all matters its official bussiness. These in matters of its ability effecting the laws and there terms of public service, and it’s limitations used in ratifying the bill of rights and its declartions by the US Constitution.

    Thus ending- lifetime appointments by article 2 sect 1; and in effecting the constutionality of its rules.

    Directly stated and Applied to Aricle II, Sect 1, admendment sect 25.

    The President, and All- It’s Public Officers by election or appointment.

    Thus also- declaring that judicary members, too. Regardless of party(ies) affilation; age, race or gender; that by the constitution; and in effect has the ability to make decisions passed by congress. The Compentency; as a claim to the validity, and legal defence for the people, that if it’s declared by vote; that the laws and its judicary members upholding in the nation morals, sworn by oath to uphold the US Constitution; and its declartion for independence.

    That the appointed, must be alble to withstand the test; Article 1 sect 2, 3, and as any officer; and Judicary branch they ought to be removed from the scope of their duties; and can be challenged by congress, and it’s senate majority.

    Declaring, that by upholding “the us constitution,” is the supreme law of the land.

    “Article 5 US Constitution”

    That congress may remove- article 5, and that “any “officer, or that by their appointment; or that of it’s court, by delaration of the challenge made by it’s commerce.

    Will Be Determined by the adoption and it’s ratification Article VI.

    The Repreal- Vs. (Article V, VI- sect 26) vs. Marshall by` allocating the three branches, and it’s limited authority, in the seperation of powers; and the effect upon its disparage upon the states; and its enumathical rights guaranteed to the people.

    Yeh! * The Adopted BY Article VI- if State Law and Federal Law in determining its direct compliance to the nature of the constitutionality;he Former Law Prevails In direct compliance to the US constitution; such declared.

    Declared necessary in all cases determining the US Constitution- and they will not be abridged.

    That Congress-

    Article XI -They ought have the authority and they may remove; or by challenge, and appeal.
    That congress preserved by Article V- by due process, “may” legally removed- any member; by vote; Impeachment, for committed acts against the integrity, time and legal competence of upholding the integrity of The US Constitution. And congress may, by due process and it’s clause; order to remove any offical that imposes upon and its judicary members; that have a mass or negative effect on the laws, and its contract under the constitution; that would otherwise impose acting upon the majority.

    That article 11 (eleven); limited the courts ability to unlawfuly deny- or by disparge must defend the respective rights of all its natural citizens and its rights, to be preserved by the people; and is integrity of The US Constitution.

    This will determine it’s statute; and terms, of his or her appointments; and in ratifying “any admendment” and its law that of its citizens of all states.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Repubic Of The Federalist Party- and Campaign Support; The Respective Right Of The People Will Be Preserved.

  8. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 6, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    The Banking Institutions:

    Breifing: Admendment 16, (ratify) Under The Federal Trade Regulations FDIC
    including home, care, property- specifically * credit cards.

    A Federal Cap limits;

    They cannot charge greater interests earned than the principal of loan; example 5,000 “cannot exceed,” total of 6,500 dollars in life value over the principal balance. No Roll over fee’s and additional penalties; and interests rates can be charged; and is illegal to hold inflatable ballon rates to llegally increase the bank profits.

    You must earn more than 1 1/2 times the loan approval.

    This must be required for a period of not less than 5 years of “expected” income earned against the pricipal balance of the debt in order to qualify for federal bank issued loans.

    Helping to restore the nations economy.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party- Campaign supporters
    for the betterment of society- and defending the people.

  9. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 6, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    The Federal (FDIC) Cap Limits-

    Example- A Loan Granted of 5,000 Cannot Exceed THE Total 6,500 US Dollars- Interest’s rates and penaties throught ther “life time,” of the loan issued by the banking insitutions and will remain manditory that its under direct scrutiny of the federal government; by measure of checks and balances.

    Ratified by Article V- Congress.

  10. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 6, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    The Requirement Of Legal Challenge;
    Marbury V Madison- Giving the authority to amend “The” US Constitution; cannot preside on the will of any -one judicary member- and protected by congress.


    Will Be Determined by the adoption and it’s ratification Article VI.

    The Repreal- Vs. (Article V, VI- sect 26) vs. Marshall by` allocating the three branches, and it’s limited authority, in the seperation of powers; and the effect upon its disparage upon the states; and its enumathical rights guaranteed to the people.

    Yeh! * The Adopted BY Article VI- if State Law and Federal Law in determining its direct compliance to the nature of the constitutionality;he Former Law Prevails In direct compliance to the US constitution; such declared.

    Declared necessary in all cases determining the US Constitution- and they will not be abridged.

    That Congress-

    Article XI -They ought have the authority and they may remove; or by challenge, and appeal.

    That congress preserved by Article V- by due legal process, “may” legally removed- any member; by vote; Impeachment, for committed acts against the integrity, time and legal competence of upholding the integrity of The US Constitution. And congress may, by due process and it’s clause; order to remove any offical that imposes upon and its judicary members; that have a mass or negative effect on the laws, and its contract under the constitution; that would otherwise impose acting upon the majority in direct violation of these admendments.

    That article 11 (eleven); limited the courts ability to unlawfuly deny- or by disparge must defend the respective rights of all its natural citizens and its rights, to be preserved by the people; and is integrity of The US Constitution.

    This will determine it’s statute; and terms, of his or her appointments; and in ratifying “any admendment” and its law that of its citizens of all states.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Repubic Of The Federalist Party- and Campaign Support;
    The Respective Right Of The People Will Be Preserved.

  11. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 7, 2010 at 12:20 am

    State and Federal Tax ID Number.

    Your SSN should not be used for public records- It’s Confidental- not even your employer should have access- government property!

    Your SSN Number is not for sale- the banks included.

    Hands off (!)

    Protecting your identity should be the number one priority of the Federal Government-

    * Please Help- Bill O’ Reilly

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of THe Federalist Party- where the government has failed to protect you- i will defend the US Constitution- and the Americans Rights

  12. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 8, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    “Article V Congress.”

    Can US Congress Advance- nations interests in delegating the rights preserving the US Constitution!

    All in favor- Yeh.

    This Admendment should by due process; and all other options exhasted, may it be a right as implied; declartion of independence, allowing all memebrs or individually that congress may be to allowed to address their concerns; and directly to the president’s administration; request fair hearings; in allowing thier special requests; and tax grants,

    This list includes, exeptions, or structural reconciderations in such that doesn’t cause irrufutable harm; to its citizens, tax payers; or to unlawfuly impose upon such freedoms grauranteed in the US Constitution; and The Bill of Rights.

    1) That congress, they ought be allowed a “completely seperate,” action aside from the state; if it’s address is not satisfied by the means of its representers; or the rights by the people.

    Tax Relief- The Federal Government to provide access any Loan & Tax relief- in which, the people, and it’s memebrs that they should choose to represent.

    Any congressional district- may request financial relief from tax burdens.

    2) Example- If their district or county depending upon size; or limited population; there are in some rare cases they does not have reasonable or finacial support from the state; or the involutary tax liablity.

    The state in which it represents; the state refuses such tax relief to any congressional district, and falls to financial hardship!

    Congress may request a appeal; by a seperate action that is not governed strictly to access state funds.

    “The Federal Government”

    Congress shall have right to legal access; Federal (tax) Loan Assistance.

    “Checks And Balances”
    The Article 16- The Repeal By US Congress.

    Example- Including helping congress to enforce the laws; and or gain federal tax assistance; loans, in order to stablished a federal loan, specifically to the needs of their district office in offering such preventions as foreclosure of public facilities; schools, librarys, city or county office faclites from having to close community projects.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party. 06/07/2010

  13. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 16, 2010 at 11:21 am


    The Truth Of Our Fondations- Our Forefathers Who Wrote “The” US Constitution.

    “Three Judges Act”
    Article 5 Congress- Sect *26;

    The Additional Facts- *

    IF The Federal Or State Laws Conflict W/ The US Federal Consitution in these finding(s) or A Ruling by “One” Supreme Court Judge.

    Then The Former Admendment Prevails. The Three Judges Act Trumps- Re- Murbury V. Madison; Article 5, VI – That He, (Marshall & Murbury) Couldn’t have been more wrong about the consitution and their very direct abuse of judicary powers; that has effected the nations moral and it’s society of today!


    The Abolishment Article 16- 1913 Act w/ Federal Banks; Private Finance Of JP Morgans, A.I.G.


    Hosted By American Federalist Party-

    As Federalists, we believe in the separation and delegation of powers as provided in the US Constitution, with the proper delegation of the weakest powers to the federal government, and the strongest powers to the people, as provided in the bill of Rights. We acknowledge that the concerns voiced by the Anti-Federalists in the infancy of our Nation have largely come true, and wish to place restrictions upon government that will protect our unalienable rights from such abuses in future generations.

    The Constitution was written in simple language so that any layman could understand it. Its plain language itself makes it a proper platform for a party trying to rescue it from the current abuses. Therefore, we believe that every American should read the Constitution thoroughly and come to a clear understanding of its meaning by reading the writings of the Founding Fathers and of those who opposed its initial ratification.

    We wish our own platform to be so simple. We, however, claim none of the genius of the Founders in their wisdom; we only seek to follow their example in seeking the best way to secure the unalienable rights of the citizens of this great Nation.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, and Your Freind, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party

  14. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 16, 2010 at 11:56 am

    “The Economic Stimulus Package.”

    Simple Initative:

    Absolutely, No Tax Breaks To Any American Corporation Sending Your Jobs Oversea’s and The Immediate Abolishment and or to Ratify of NAFTA Trade Agreement Signed by William Jefferson Clinton; and we will by the power invested within the people, the setting new strict sanctions w/ tax penalties to product imports giving back to the people; keeping your jobs, and restoring the trade value in the united states dollar restoration from the current trade deficit. This will help restore the enthusaism in the wall street market; and sizeable investment profit and trade margins ending the jobless and extremely high un-employment rates here in the united states.

    There will be strict guidelines.

    * There Will Be NO TAX Breaks- Nafta!!!

    It’s bringing back the american jobs to the lawful citizens, and respective rights of it’s people- and proudly “Made In The USA,” and again giving the competitive edge to American Companies, and additional compromise for the promotion and keeping the bussinesse’s here in this country.

    * This is how we restore the nations economy *

    * The # 1 Priority and Homeland Security Act Saving The Nation From Financial Tryanny; you must be a lawful citizen in order to by sell or own property within the united states; and a tax payer of it’s state.

    * State Wide Flat Tax Policy.

    Article 5, (X) Congress In Each State In Compliance- The US Constitution.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, and Your Freind, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party.

  15. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 18, 2010 at 5:24 am

    The American Farmers –

    The Legal Right- Fair Compensation; and Innimate Domain to alow US Military Soldiers to provide residence and quartes for it’s service members; and provide protections accrost all US Borders.

    -Three Judges Act Article VI- Sect 26- US Const.

    The Writ Madamus~ All Laws Compliant To US Article 2, Sect 1, 3 Us Constitution; 12 Admendment; and Civlil & Criminal Violations of USMJ Codes.

    *The Homeland Security And Defending The US Borders*

    The Imminent Danger and harm caused to the people “All States” and the excluded; AZ, in his contention to “boycott,” irreputable harm to the entire union; its nation; and all legal right of American Citizens,

    Failur of action to resolve the added discussion to it’s address.

    Commander Of Cheif- All Foreign & Domestic Relations- US Borders

    The legal actions of citizens of (any 50) states, an individual may recieve payments 225.00 mth the military, paid to the citizens; and it’s protections; duty in a foreign area in which he was subject to the threat of physical harm or imminent danger on the basis of civil insurrection, civil war, terrorism, or other wartime conditions.

    Mr President Obama, that -he does not- displays the effective ability to serve as the United States President; in offering as reasonable resolution in such; in a “timely” matter that has mass effect putting the citizens in several states in imminate danger of invasion; and other terrorist activities.

    The Facts:

    The 44th President’s The lack of leadership demonstration; and (his) continuial disregard; and responsiblity to lead based on misconduct of military regulations.

    The failure in his duties; The D.O.D- defending the nations borders; to have allowed -By Invasion- and he sworn by oath; to uphold, All Matters Foreign & Domestic; and such to continue on american soil putting the nation at risk- and for *Terrorism * to suceed w/o regard for it’s immediate harm caused to it’s people; and the guaranteed respective rights of all naturalized american citizens.

    Stop! The tyranny of the policies of it’s immediate 44th President; and it’s current administration failure to do nothing!!!

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, and Your Freind, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party.

  16. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 18, 2010 at 11:13 am

    “The New World Technology”

    -The Nuclear Operated Space Satalite Units-

    The technolgy is a available to generate new resources in the disposal of nuclear waste- w/ the combination of solor powered energy to re-charge the nuclear plasmatic feilds- the reversal of radio active wave length frequency and regeneration of proton cells and creation of a nuclear laser partical beams.

    The transfer of energy is easily obtained by a thermal nuclear re-actor; and secondary recieving units installed; using a high data filtered and laser light particals; transfer; and the diamond electromagnetic fields w/o mass effect or disturbance of (nuetral radio active) ions + protons engery fileds.

    Thus; similarly achieved n concept to powerful recharge of natural rechargeable lythium Batteries.

    – US Military Devices-

    It’s reffered to as neurological transmitted immobilization devices.

    This is the slowing of brain wave lengths and slowing of the -gamma wave and ions; producing a mass effect to human life.

    This is a control technique to slow down the brains neurolgical electron(s) by an intecept device.

    The effect on productive brains, the synapse; and pathogeons sound variations ( decimal frequency) w/ chip implants by impairment natural signals, use and w/ the reversal or slowing of patterns the connecting points of all physical human capabilites; this can impead the body nerve sensory and intecept impulses.

    This could be used in Military exercize in effective interogations-

    -The smaller scale of device-

    The larger scale- w/ use of a large reciever or sonor dish that can immobilize a compelete army; and or be utilized as weapon(s) of mass destruction.

    – The Country Of Mexico-

    The Aide Of US/ Russian Military-

    The Case Intellegence Issues; Foreign Embassy; and Consulate.

    The Discovery Of Concentrated Amounts of Fluoride & Flamaldrhyde Poisining- Water Supplies; Farms; and agricultural concerns of known to USA as illegal insecticides.

    The Possitive ID of Radio Active Mineral Deposit Sites.

    Mexican President, Felipe Caldrone (!)

    The US Border Controls Prevention Of Unlawful Invasion Of it’s Territory.

    There are if not several (3) known suitcase nuclear devices.

    The in-active operatives- NSA- the components must be assembled detections; and otherwise visable detection by satilite; cannot locate; and in order the for the Nu plasma reactors and or the placement given; the amounts of radation w/ reactors field; w/in eminate perimiters nutralizing it’s borders; and this should be a immediate concern’s for the United States of America.

    The Posted Warnings 9-1-1 Identified & Placed by (!) The Taliban, Al Quieda Networks.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of THe Federalist Party.

  17. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 19, 2010 at 5:01 am

    Mexico- An Interstate- To Terrorism and Taliban; and Their Flood Gateway Into America .

    FOX NEWS- Warnings Posted- To Aviod Travel, The AZ Boycott.

    Mr> President, So, Where are you now- and Hilary Rodham Clinton?

    As the violence escaltes out of control in border towns; and lack of travel into thier country from all parts of the world.

    “The Human & Drug Smuggeling.”

    “Other issues facing the united states citizens; including, but not limited to illegal incarceration; confiscation of your vehicle and detainment w/o reason- denying your rights as an american citizen- Blackmail.”

    The lack of technological resources; it’s country and dealing w/ united states.

    The water polluitions; contained high levels of Flouride- And Flamaldhyde and The transport of waters supplies are critical; and untreated waters. Researcher for years; and studies have found poisionus levels of Ecoli – and other rare diseases found in fecal matter- if your a weary traveler?

    Bottled water is a safe alternative; it’s no wonder to me; the dream of mexican family is comming to America!

    The Mexican Government; and its continued tryanny!

    I Do Mean They Have *No Sufficeint* Training In Military- And Or A National Defence; or US/ Russian Embassy.

    Thus making it all the more complicated; and in the pressing times ahead for American leadership providing saftey matters for it’s people; Mr. Calderone Failed; and their country is also vunurable to invasion with the threat of present terroristic tactics used by the drug cartels- and affilations with Al Queida.

    THIS IS A MATTER WE NEED TO DEAL WITH- Homeland Security Act Priority 1; even though The Obama Administration has failed… Forgeign & Domestic; including the border patrol in defending the legal rights of it’s Us citizens.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Your Freind, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party.

  18. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 22, 2010 at 2:08 am



    The Inauguration Tuesday Jan 20, 2009.

    (He took an oath as president of the united states of america- To defend the borders against all form of invasion- Forgien & Domestic).

    This is an Impeachable Offence!

    Mr Barack Obama- and have (has) continuely failed The Duties Sworn As The President (!) and The Commander Of Cheif- USMJ Codes.

    On Multipal Levels- Including Finacial Tryanny.

  19. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 24, 2010 at 11:04 am

    Warning! Computer Chip Sec 2521 Pg. 1000 (1001-1008) The National Registary Device- http://www.dailypaul.com/node/105079

  20. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 24, 2010 at 11:30 am

    The President(s) and The Impeachable Acts Committed.

    He, Barack Obama,

    They all, including (D) Hilary Rodham Clinton, (Obama Adm) Took An Oath- Tuesday- January 20th, 2009.

    To Defend The United States Of America- Against “All Forms Of Invasion,”- Foreign and Domestic-

    All Matter Of Homeland Security.

    By the violation of his sacrid oath- to defend the people -of- the united states.

    That he is in jeopardy of impeachment; all records including his birth certificate must remain on file w/ The US Military- U.S.M.J Codes- this superceeds the jurisdiction of the supreme courts.

    End Of Report.

    Elecronically Signed, & Your Freind, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party.

  21. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 26, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    The Time Is Expose Corruption Is Now!

    The conspiracy by governmental theories & actual facts abut B.P. Camapign Finance Of “Barack Obama” and another played a big part in washington politics facing hard fight with the press regarding his presidency.

    Then -BENEATH- THE EARTHS Core // More Than SURFACE Damage!

    But wait, There’ more !

    Yes, More Reasearch Is Required by the Government (!) but, will they follow through with following up on scientifical facts. Now, the posibility of causes could go much further & deeper with-in the earth core- causing instablity of a contential drift! The substance; oil and it’s habitats could have long lasting aftermath; because it’s needed by the planet for its own natural energy and the polar-magetic feilds.

    Damages caused because of deep ocean/ off shore oil drilling ( ! ) ?

    The “Explosion” and the extensive damages lead to earth quake- canada- and extended to it caused greater harm to the ocean floors.

    WHAT IS THE MASS EFFECT- Beneath The Surface ~SCIENCE~ They Don’t Know! The Mass effect?

    Note: Pictures showed only a broken BP Rigs Pipeline- it didn’t include the entire picture!!!

    * The Crack/ Crevious at the earths core beneath the oceans crestline.

    Just more than surface, yes, it may very well have effected the earths polar equator?

    * The Earth Quakes- Falt Lines- Leads Directly Related To “Deep Sea” and Offshore Oil Drilling.

    * What does “planet earth primary function and oil have in common?”

    * What Oil And The Planet’s Need For Oil- eg. THE EARTHS MAIN CORE… (other than) the obvious fuel resources for people regarding want for energy source and the deciding facts of human survival!

    * Explosion beyond the earths surface- earthquakes and other natural disasters?

    What does it all mean for civilization? The earth center core? Fact- Did it or could it lead to dire cause and effect or “re-act,” due to the earth quakes?

    The Earthquakes~ Canada- Hatti- Tiwan

    It’s Just Food For Thought!

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party. 06/26/2010

  22. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 26, 2010 at 3:35 pm

    Sceince & The FDA Marketing Schemes- Does it really matter to the quality of all life- Your Life and Food Supply…

    * Yes, There’s More.. Keep reading The Forwarding info(!)

    The Dangers FOOD & DRUG ADMINISTRATION- What They Haven’t Told You About Product Additives-

    Your Food Supply!

    Facts: Bio-chemistry and genetic manipulation through the nations food source (1) D.N.A. Altering (!)

    Estrogen & Testostorone promoting cancers and bodily chemistry changes during the developmental stages; altering the body’s reproductive hormones; your sexuality engineered by (DNA) bio-gentic research and tests using the double blind theory since
    the early 1970’s conducted by their US Governments FDA Regulations; and some preservitives used since the early as the post vietnam war era and experiments used during World War 2- Food Rations.

    Todays Active Ingredents Include- Marketing Ploy’s Still Allowed By the FDA and knowing cancer/ hormonal altering chemicals.

    Yes- Even Found In The Infant’s Baby Food and Bottle Formulas.

    * wheat Germ w/ thiamaine inhibators.

    * Soduim Iodine, *sodium Alumiminum Phosphate, * Soy Lecithin, * Sodium Oils… all alter esterogen levels!

    * Floride/ Calcium Phosphate/ zinc.

    * Potasium W/ Magnesium; Thiamine, Riboflaim, processed red or yellow dyes; incecticides; and “spermicides” used
    to food product to impead population (s) reproductive DNA traits and impead ability.

    (You Didn’t know- is isn’t really dye for coloring- related to directly in causing
    certian forms of ovarian / breast cancers)

    Fact- Population Control- DNA Altering W/ Food Supply- Bio genetics.

    It’s Your Right To Know… Article 1 and The US Consitution.

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party. 06/26/2010

  23. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 28, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    “The Education Act.”

    What’s your role, and the best approach in providing for the future generations to stop the mass influence into a world controlled by organized crime? We need not incarcerate our youth by means of lifetime imprisonment or an element of indefinite incarceration. It is tearing our society into shreds; and at the emanate threshold of our constitutional liberties. Student peer pressured into tried drugs and early life of alcohol dependency. The nation’s dropout rate has steadily risen in the United States without hope of rediscovering their readiness for preparation of the future.

    “The congressional leader’s failure to explore its nation independence.”

    The importance to committed changes by addressing education. How it is being monitored by the federal government. Here are some specific examples: In one town the school education is excelled with opportunity for advancement. Then, the failure of our public system in the neighboring district struggles to meet the national averages, by poverty stricken, and total moral decay without any assistance from a state agency. This is referred to as the “cities district” and the state comes back and tells them it’s their responsibility to provide of public funds, and to raise higher property taxes to offset the difference. The fact is t the community resources dry up! Then its left devastated by lack of funding offers little hope for institutionalizing a healthy work – learning environments in preparing the world for the future road ahead of them.

    “The No Child Left Behind Act.”

    By taking action today! Teachers are entered into a Federal Pay Roll.
    Its standards will be required to meet or exceed the teacher exam and has been promised for a number of years. The placement of student with replacing broken promises, to exceed the -tax liability- because of the cities or district tax for available funds.

    Just as any teacher, would be required to take an aptitude examination.

    The student test requirement under AIMS, is subject to a complete aptitude entry exam. This giving the correct placement with the right instructor; or teacher. The best selected teacher will be suited for the individual independent needs.

    Trade school… at the 9th-12th grade level in the preparation for the future. This will develop the students needs based upon a vocational trade and will be vigorously pursued with their Childs best suited interests for a career after a high school.

    • After vocational trade- taught at high school level and it’s introduced the student with career perspective and will be pre-qualified for furthering their education by a bachelors or masters degree.

    • Teachers guaranteed improvement and the repayment of loans dismissed.

    • Teachers entered by Federal payroll!!

    • The career placement and or extended career based pay and listed with a government jobs and life insurance protections.

    • It’s Optional Tax For Parents- the Investments for their child’s future college education.

    • Federal Tax Based Programs- State and federally operated, thus, publically owned college schools programs for the community resource in work’s project.

    • The 401k fund, yearly deductable, reduced % rates, providing for state sponsorship and help in the promoting and of an active role and involvement with all community college tax accredited based programs.

    * Military Draft- Selective Service Requirements 18-25yr (1st) time offenders and decisions made by a federal judge.

    This will create a competitive job market- and successful drive towards the future career readiness programs without the high cost of privately owned facilities. By making these programs available and not draining the pocket books.

    End of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Your Friend, Robert Lane Aiassa (Y.O.G.I.) ® The Republic of The Federalist party 06/28/2010.

  24. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 28, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    “My Stand On Illegal Immigration”

    “This Is Simply said so event the blind justice system could easily understand the cry’s of all legal and law abiding us citizens.”

    Would you allow a perfect “stanger” to enter into your home? Live there 100 % rent free for an infedinate period of time and countless attempts of given opportuinty’s to explain there injustices caused by “eating all the food” in the house, and pillage without any regard for the household rules. Then take the monies given to them and even a job in most case’s and they still refuse to cooperate by giving you there legal name? Not knowing who these people are and their malice intentions?

    Fact: Otherwise they would have gone through the legal process of becomming an american citizen, right?

    Fact: we do not know who these people are that are invading our borders!

    Fact: we do not know there criminal backrounds- or offence that they may have already committed including violent offnces such as rape, incest, murder, theft. Maybe even terrorist that continue to finance their exploit’s against american citizens by home invasions a large problem in tuscon arizona.

    Fact: You have to pass a state and federal background check if “you” want a job in the united states; then why
    shouldnb’t the same laws apply to them!

    The law is very specific article 14 sect 1… your consitutional privialges are reserved for those law abiding and have legal rights to live here in the united states of america… this does not apply to – or with the country of mexico and rulled under the tryanny of Felipe Calderone.

    I think tha answer is pretty obvious…. Hell No!

    *The Amesty Act Is Not A Free Program*

    It willl requires state sponsorship; and then if -You- want it then you’ll work for it by paying into the program!

    * State Sponsorship*
    and must be approved… IT Is Not Free to use at your lesuire!!!

    The US Tax Dollars at work, and for whom do we trust?

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa, Y.O.G.I (R) The True Republic Of America- The Federalist Party!

  25. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on June 30, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    The Filibuster!!!

    Senate To Motion- TAX STRIKE!

    Call Senate into session – w/ illegal immigration policy.

    (50) State Article 10- Protest Congress by telling the corporations and bussiness in their own state -not to pay- into federal taxe’s as “protest” to health care policy.

    Fact: Workmens Compensation Policy will provide for costs of a health care plan! At The end of the fiscal year the employers recive a tax credit for it’s expense; and additional tax break initative as credits for the working society… thus costing the federal government not a dime, and reducing the defict “as a self effiecent program” providing health care to the american citizens.

    The Order of strike – Budget Reform- Stop useless conress spending tactics- establish a economic policy for economic progress.

    Strike- Nafta Agreement, keeping jobs in the united states in order to recieve tax breaks rebuilding america’s future!

    Strike- No tax breaks!

    The big banking institution for selling trade stock- listed under the NAFTA Agreement, bankrupting the american economic policy of it’s dollar face values.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (Y.O.G.I) (R) The Republic Of The Federlalist Party 06/29/2010

  26. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on July 2, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    The American Federalist Party.

    We Are The Peace Keepers, As Men, I know Of No greater Duty In The Wake…
    In its calling of it’s symbolic Pride.

    Let Freedom Ring!

    The Declaration, Of The Nations Independence The United States Constitution.

    I am A Solider, an Officer, In Defending Our Freedoms- Her Liberty, and A New Revolution in full force for all it’s nation’s Independence.

    Articles 2 sect 1, 3. U.S Constitution.

    I Hereby, Take This Solemn Vow by the acceptance of its acknowledgements- we’ve already won, For It Is Destiny- as a soldiers, farmers, and civilians alike To Serve, and patriotic.

    This Regiment, I will give myself unto thy faith, And our way of life in its sacrifice for its country’s prosperity.

    The Frameworks of Our American Constitution In The Article Of The Confederation (!) 1812 yr -2012, Arthur Hamilton, Quincy John Adams, Thomas Jefferson.

    Thus, As it’s Our Civic Duties;

    I defend it to our wealth that will not be striped of its in-enunciable rights, And the respective for its entire natural citizen’s of this nation. Fore we will serve in our right to fight against; “All Taxation Without Representation,” the year 1913, congress imposed by trumped in the adoption of the said admendments that shall and will be repealed , Article 16.

    This sacred oath, and to refuse acts bribery, thus otherwise, giving into the weakness of my natural and Foreign enemies that hereby threatens our nations birth rights, for it is my patriotic duty to have served in this Great country the rebuilding of its prosperity for the future of all generations.

    We shall prevail, in our conquest in the fight for the freedoms of this great sovern nation; and it is my right to bear arms, Article 2 Us Constitutions, we all must in defending off all threats of invasion foreign and domestic

    That have had again thier Congress attempts- to again have allowed intolerable harm at great fortitude to her liberty!

    Togther, we will prevail in the search of truth and justice .

    I will fight, against all matters of terrorism; foreign and domestic, to defend these borders- by the threats Made by the act’s their congress and its unlawful tyranny to have imposed by the deliberate refusal to protect this nation’s solemnity.

    Congress, its immediate harm caused by its having committed treason against the people; and denial of the very protections guaranteed to all its people and its union and otherwise by the signed treaties made to all the Respective states.

    I pledge, it’s my oath, and will fight against these great injustices that imposed unduly into the core of our -American Patriotic Values- and it’s kingdom for it’s importance to uphold the supreme law of the land!


    We Will Prevail in Standing Strong For Our National Freedom!

    We the people, by the people, the Republic of the United States of America!

    End of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (Y.O.G.I) (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party- The Core Values.

  27. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on July 6, 2010 at 8:42 am

    The United States Border Patrol- Trade Alliegence.

    The Mexico Land Purchase & Treaty And The Industurial Movement In Forward Progress…

    The Establishment Of Building An Extensive Effort- Forigen Embassy W/ Military Intelegence In overseeing the restoration of the country from the opressive tactics in the expportation of drug and Human Trade Smuggeling.

    Dissolving- The Mafia Organized Crime- and thier continual failure’s of Felipe Calderone & Barack Obama in border control efforts in the United States _ with failure of criminal background investigations;

    A Counter Terrorism and Finance.

    The First RU/ USA NASA Space & Nuclear Power Plant To Be Established with relation between Russia and The united states; providing for experment of founding the country’s first power plant providing nuclear energy center in the restablization of
    the global economy. Trade Export Markets.

    The Industurial Movement in exportation with merchandise with russia will be assambeled to enphasize the ecconomic strategys in the assembly of world global weapon supply…. this as an establishment to rid of poverty; and the immediate dangers of invasion(s) from lack of military and the Taliban Threatening global trade efforts.

    * The First Solor Powered/ Nuclear Satalite System *

    We Sieze The Market… Peace Treaty In Rebuilding The World Super Powers!~!!~ !

    End Of Report,

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa Y.O.G.I (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party.

  28. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on July 6, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    “The Nuclear Satellite Receiving and Transmitted Radio Control Device”

    The New Industrial Revolution And Fight Ending Terrorism.

    The End Of Nuclear Missiles?

    The Magnetic Renaissance W Energy Reflective Panels- This will transmitter natural light
    from the solar unit by transmission to send nuclear plasma charged laser particle beams at the designation targeted sites.

    Example- The Magnetic structure recharges w/ solar panels. The plasma of nuclear waste regenerates with radio heat ion- recharged proton use of sonar and gamma wave length frequency, with the use from the sunlight ending waste, and under developed resources.

    The elimination of “any enemy,” and area of targeted and it’s intended regions

    The RUSSIAN / USA Pact with * Mexico * a nuclear power plant and space sub station for technology development.

    The NASA Space Age Technologies.

    Peace Treaty-
    Of an International Allegiance?

    End Of Report

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa Y.O.G.I. (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party- 07/06/2010

  29. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on July 7, 2010 at 7:27 am

    “The Events Of 9-1-1 At The World Trade Center.”

    The Right For American People To Know The Truth!!

    There is a lot of different inforamtion surfacing the events that took place on Septemeber 11th, 2001.

    Yes, even several who support the conspiracy theory. My question to the Federal Bureau Of Investigation’s is how could “Larry Silverstein” escape a
    federal investigation?

    Here are some important facts:

    On April 26 of 2001 the Board of Commissioners for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; awarded Silverstein Properties and mall-owner Westfield America a 99-year-lease on the following assets: The Twin Towers, World Trade Center Buildings; 4 and 5, two 9-story office buildings, and 400,000 square feet of retail space.

    The partners’ winning bid was $3.2 billion for holdings estimated to be worth more than $8 billion. *

    JP Morgan Chase, a prestigious investment-bank that’s the flagship firm of its kind for Rockefeller family interests, advised the Port Authority, another body long influenced by banker and builder David Rockefeller, his age then 85, in the negotiations to extend the Nafta Trade Agreement.

    The lead partner and spokesperson for the winning bidders, Larry Silverstein, age 70, already controlled more than 8 million square feet of New York City real estate. WTC towers and the nearby Equitable Building were prime among these prior holdings. Larry Silverstein also owned Runway 69, a nightclub in Queens that was alleged 9 years ago to be laundering money made through sales of Laotian heroin and plots of property purchased in afganistan backing the pharmacutical agencies here in the united states, and senate nominee Hilary R. Clinton.

    Hmmm. Sounds suspcious? It get’s even better as playing develis sdvocate after Al Gore lost The General election for president against the incummbent George Walker Bush; after several intense weeks of the fight over the swinnging chads in determining the out come of the Florida election, agian pointing at revenge and the possibility of a democratic conspiracy.

    FACT: Larry Silverstein was also a big player in the million dollar donation’s financing William J. Clinton, for the entire two elective terms and helped in signing with wall street in the open market W/ China Nafta Trade Agreement, signed by the clinton administration and selling COD’s to world properties with a another rubber stamp and higher inflation rates!

    Q: Was The Clinton Adnministration Involved in another White Water Scandel?

    Just weeks prior to the attacks made on the worlds trade center- a remodel? If the building was painted target using nanafite!!!

    After the attack, Silverstein Properties commenced litigation against its insurers, claiming it was entitled to twice the insurance policies’ value because, according to a spokesman for Mr. Silverstein, “the two hijacked airliners that struck the 110-story twin towers Sept. 11 were separate ‘occurrences’ for insurance purposes, entitling him to collect twice on $3.6 billion of policies.”

    This was reported in the Bloomberg News less than one month after the attack.
    The ensuing legal battle between the leaseholders and insurers of the World Trade Center was not about how the 9/11/01 attack on the WTC could
    be considered two attacks, when the WTC was only destroyed once.

    Rather it seemed to revolve around whether the beneficiaries and lost lives ever recovered for pthier personal loses.

    LIVES LOST- NOT INCLUDING THE MEN & WOMEN SERVING THIS COUNTRY- Believing they’re defending freedoom instead of the truth- THe Capitalism.


    It was orioginally thought it was one or two seperate occurrences, “why- chase after Osama Bin Laden???”

    The proceedings before U.S. District Judge “John S. Martin” involved a number of battles over the insurers’ discovery rights regarding conversations about this issue between insurance beneficiaries and their lawyers and the post- sales that followed in rebuilding the world trade center.

    The Question- If, Timithoy McVeigh and Terry Nichols face murder charges- then why shouldn’t the owners of the destruction of the World Trade Center-
    and the thousands of lives killed by these events- ?

    Mr Silverstein as owner of the world trade center where did “the gold bars” stored by the federal reserves disappear, too?

    End Of Report,

    Electronically Signed, Your Freind, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party.

  30. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on July 8, 2010 at 4:10 am

    We The People,

    If (Each) Of The Fifty States By The Vote Of The People…

    Tax Strike !!! Do not pay -Congress- one red cent; and the american employer’s refuse by their right to deny-
    paying into the Federal Reserves for programs not regulated by appointed representation for the people and thier
    investments into the government.”

    We have the power to abolishmentp of article 16- taxation w/o representation.

    Here’s a Classic Example- The Workmens compensation only pays out aproximatley 8% on claims and divivends each year- congress
    spends these funds at thier leizure.

    Where’ the regulations of putting monies back into the reserves- health care and Social Security, life insurance for ALL The
    American workers!!!

    The People- Putting people first and taking back control of our great american republic.

    Thus- It will end high interests rates; morgages, property leases, credit cards… the economy will then and only then
    recover from the blunders caused by it’s self- appointed administration by The Rothchilds ending the tyranny caused under the
    world of brittian!!!

    The Filibuster Ending the finace of the War against the people- blood money!!!

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Your Freind, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party- 07/09/2010

  31. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on July 8, 2010 at 9:31 am

    The Stategy…..

    Tax Strike!!

    The State Seanate, In Protesting By Challenge… each fifty.

    They Tell The American Employers, By Instructions- They Will Not Be Required To Pay Federal Taxes….

    Why in the world would they (Businesses) Why ever resist- (?)

    They’ll be handing out the guns for american to fight back against the resistance- on our side!

    The American Bussiness Will Be Obliged-

    They’ll help the people to fight back against the tyranny of the federal government for bankrupting the economy ending congress (by clintons) using the federal reserves to pay for their pork projects!

    Workmens compensation paid out 8% Yearly… what is congress doing with the remainder of the money-

    Health Care Reform…

    Hmmm, nope- not w/ Barack Obama, Clinton.

    Their deep pockets like Jp Morgan- AIG- Rothchilds- without refince to the collateral gains and it’s system at the tax payers expense? It’s used to fund the destruction of the republic- illegal immigrations.

    Let Freedom Ring!!!

    Yeah, No More Federal Taxes… State Wide Flat Tax- Sponsorship For Immigration Reform For the American People and Providing For Homeland Security In defence for the country.

    Yea Haw!!!

    End Of Report.

    Electronically Signed, Your Freind, Robert Lane Aiassa (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party- 1812- 2012

  32. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on August 1, 2010 at 3:39 pm


    Yes- Terrorism could happen in Oklahoma, Nevada, Texas, Arizona- because of issues w/ homeland security.

    Priority #1 HOMELAND SECURITY- And The Economy it is also effected by the fact the monies recieved go back to mexico- so they can sneek thier familys acrost the border angain illegally and it’s time we take a stand against him- Obama.

    MR Barack Obama-

    Do you still believe that should ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS be allowed to purchase FIRE ARMS- under the second amendments exclusive for naturalized citizens- in the mexico’s attempts- YOUR Meeting w/ Felipe Calderone to overthrow the united states. Thus, in creating a revolution agianst the American people you have proposed to represent? It’s just something for the people to think about!!!

    In fact-

    You’ve violated your oath as president on important issues of Homeland Security- and could and will be construed as treason against american citizens- w/ obstruction of justice for the sealing your birth certificate and other viable records that were even failed by disclosure to the United State Military-

    In November he’ll be impeached!!!

    We’ll be saying… he’s not our commander of chief- yeah! To the very end of his deception done to the American People.

    End Of Report

    Electronically Signed, Robert Lane Aiassa (YOGI) (R) The Republic Of The Federalist Party

  33. Robert Lane Aiassa said, on January 21, 2011 at 10:51 pm

    Where is the rest of the comments- posted in recent months- it reaveals the entire story and events that unfolded explained the corruption behind the two previous administartions.

    Just not one sided views- it explains the entire story?!!

    End Of Report

    Electronically Singed, Robert Lane Aiassa

  34. maasanova said, on January 24, 2011 at 12:43 am

    Please forgive me for not approving some of your comments. I did not see the relevancy with regards to the Obama Deception, plus I am not sure of your political affiliations and did not wish to be linked in the future with some group that I do not consider Under The Radar Media to be aligned with.

    In the future, if you wish to leave a lengthy blog post, feel free to contact me at the contact info and I will review the post, and post it in the comments section, with full credits to you.

    Kind regards,


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