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Desperate attempt to keep AIPAC trial from exposing Israeli control over US politics

Posted in Corruption, Cover Up, Israel by maasanova on March 15, 2009


Clarice Feldman, blogging for the Neoconservative front Pajamas Media, has claimed that the government’s case against Steven Rosen and Keith Weissman, two former  AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) employees who are being charged with espionage is “preposterous,” “nonsensical,” “silly” and that the “Department of Justice is stupid to continue it.” In her piece entitled “The Justice Department’s Misbegotten AIPAC Prosecution,” Feldman argues that she sees no point for the case to go to trial since the passing of classified documents between high level officials and lobbyists in Washington happens all of the time.

Feldman is probably correct that the passing of classified documents is a common occurrence in Washington. She should, however, be more honest with her readers and admit that this trial could quickly unravel and shine a light on a very ugly subject that everyone in America is afraid to talk about for fear of being called an “antisemite.”

Feldman was barely able to get through the first page of her article without bringing up the well-worn shield of antisemitism. She claims that the FBI official who spearheaded the AIPAC investigation may have targeted Rosen and Weissman because they are Jewish. But when you consider the amount of times that agents of Israel have been caught spying on America,  the fact that there have been relatively few convictions and the government’s feet-dragging on this case, one gets the feeling that this alleged “antisemitism” is more like “special treatment.”

With the recent withdrawl of Obama’s appointee of the National Intelligence Council, Charles Freeman has stirred up interest in the AIPAC case as Feldman mentioned in her column, and ultimately the America Jewish lobby in general. Freeman calls out one the AIAPC trial defendee, Steve Rosen, for leading the witch hunt that forced him to withdraw from the post. And while groups like the Anti-Defamation League will continue to deny that there is a such thing as an Israel lobby, we  will most likely continue to see more and more articles like these as the problem of Israel are exposed for all Americans to finally see.


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