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NY secret police arrest alternative media journalist

Posted in Constitutional Crisis, Corruption by maasanova on March 30, 2009


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Over the weekend, 9/11 activist and founder of the activist group, Luke Rudowski and two other members of the group WeAreChange were arrested and jailed by NYPD and secret police for allegedly trespassing and falsifying media credentials.  The group, who make popular YouTube videos confronting politicians and media figures and asking them tough questions, were attempting to confront New York mayor and media mogul Michael Bloomberg. WeAreChange has previously confronted Mayor Bloomberg while he was on his monthly ride on the subway with the commoners. Watch the video below:

While we must commend Alex Jones and his staff for fighting tyrannical government and law enforcement, we also need to point out that Jones and his journalist Kurt Nimmo, who broke this story, left out important aspects to this story: Mayor Bloomberg is one of the many elite Zionist Jews with intimate ties to September 11 and the current financial crisis on Wall Street.

Bloomberg is the chairman of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center,  and is a general partner of the Salmon Brothers, a Wall Street investment bank. The WTC 7, which was also known as the Salomon Brother’s building, was owned by Zionist Larry Silverstein, one of the financiers behind the black op that was 9/11.

Bloomberg was one of Israel’s staunchest defenders from the US, and supported Israel Defense Force’s murdering Palestinians indiscriminately during it’s three week long Gaza incursion. But what is the concerning about Bloomberg are his efforts to subvert local election laws and run for a third term as mayor, an act that is overwhelmingly unpopular with New York City residents. As mayor of New York, Bloomberg has tried to enact many laws and measures that are anti-constitutional. He supports an open Zionist police state.

Rudowski has received death threats and was previously threatened for arrest on trumped up charges by the Silverstein’s secret police.


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  1. Jeff Prager said, on April 24, 2009 at 8:04 pm

    Right On Luke!!

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