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AIPAC spies get away with it

Posted in Congress, Corruption, Cover Up, Israel, Israel Palestine, Uncategorized by maasanova on May 9, 2009

by Ryan Dawson

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Well no big shock the trial that had its date moved 9 times was finally dropped. The official excuse is not that it is illegal to spy but that its only illegal if the spies know that its harmful to the US for them to be stealing top secret documents in secret and pass them on to a foreign nation. I’m not kidding. That was the official excuse. The prosecution would have to prove not that Steve Rosen and Keith Weissmen knew they were spying which is illegal, but that they knew what they were stealing could be harmful to the US. What they were stealing was information that was good for Israel and helped act in creating more pre-war lies about Iraq and Iran. They basically said hey you punish us and we will narc on everyone, so the case was dropped.


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