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The French Connection September 1, 2009 with guest Muhammed Rafeeg

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on September 5, 2009

French connection

Download mp3 part 1

Download mp3 part 2

Daryl Bradford Smith from I Am The Witness talks to Muhammed Rafeeg about the issues of the day and questions “is the US government simply incompent in their attempts to right the economy, or are they purposely and criminally negligent?” Other topics include the information war, the “cash for clunkers” fiasco, the Baltic Dry Index, the FDIC being completely insolvent, food and water shortages, the swine flu outbreak, emergency preparedness, and the courage of the Swedish government for not backing down to the worldwide Jewish Lobby over the article of the Israeli Defense Forces’ harvesting of Palestinian’s organs.


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