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Scary Muslims crawling out of the woodwork right on time

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on October 11, 2009


Note: This is a modified post which I originally posted over at Ryan Dawson’s forum

I recently stopped at the convenience store and I noticed a scowling Muslim’s face  splashed all over the most recent issue of Newsweek (October 5, 2009). All of the sudden, the forgotten Afghanistan war is once again the focus in America’s Great War on Terror Hoax. It would make sense that the Iraq war not be the focus of the Obama Administration since president Barack Obama pretended to oppose the Iraq war before he entered Congress. Of course all that changed once Obama became a senator, and his support and votes to continue the war on terror hoax were seriously troubling signs early in his bid for the presidency.

Now that Obama has absurdly been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for simply giving a few lofty, pre-prepared campaign speeches (written by top neurolinguists), the media is almost ironically giving much media attention to a host of scary-looking, bearded not-so-gentlemen. The Taliban are not known for their good-natured sensibilities, but all that seems to have taken an about face as they are now granting interviews to select reporters.

Also, it is not known at this time whether newcomers like, Abu Askar the German, of whom London’s Daily Mail is giving top billing, are as skilled as Al Qaeda in the multimedia department, but he is clearly going to give them a run for the money, at least in the “ooga-booga” department. If you haven’t figured out the game yet, Obama is not just going to be able to sell a troop surge in Afghanistan without the pretext of a continued, ongoing threat of some bearded men thousands of miles away, and the controlled media is doing everything to help promote those threats on his behalf.


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  1. fruit said, on November 3, 2009 at 7:18 pm

    Thought I should share this.

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