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Israeli charity Meir Panim caught exploiting Palestinian child in online fundraising effort

Posted in Uncategorized by maasanova on January 30, 2010

The never-ending chutpah

This is an exerpt from an article entitled Beyond Chutpah, from a website  called Palestine-Info.

The Israeli electronic and print media has been using photos of Palestinian orphans whose parents and relatives have been murdered by the Israeli army in advertisements designed to raise money for “poor and Jewish children.”
One photo of a crying, bedraggled and distraught-looking girl is used widely to appeal to potential donors to donate money in order to feed hungry Jewish children.
What is strange about this is that the very same picture happens to be of a Palestinian child whose father was killed in Beit Lahya in the northern Gaza Strip during the genocidal Israeli onslaught last year.
This is more than disgusting. It is comparable to Nazis using photos or images of their victims to raise money for legitimate German causes. This act, coming from a state that continues to impose a hermetic, suffocating siege on the people and relatives of the child in question is just beyond Chutzpah.
This is why, the brutal ugliness of the Israeli mentality knows no limits.



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