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Israeli intelligence news site DEBKAfile admitted that 911 had to have been an inside job

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On September 12, 2001, the online news source DEBKAfile, and the intelligence experts associated with the publication, admitted that 9/11 had to have been an inside job!

Based on their initial investigation of the limited facts that were available at the time, DEBKAfile came to some of the same conclusions, theories and beliefs that are actively promoted by the 9/11 Truth community and in the alternative media. These theories include the infiltration and disarmament of critical security infrastructure, collusion between the alleged terrorists and airport employees, and the impossibility of the absolute failure of US military and intelligence agencies to sufficiently perform their duties.

DEBKAfile is an Israeli online publication dedicated to intelligence and security news, and more importantly, for disseminating information regarding Arab terrorism in Israel and the Middle East. DEBKAfile claims to have pioneered “intensive news coverage and analysis of global terror before it hits the front pages.”

The article, “A Vast Conspiracy Hatched In The Dark” has been removed from DEBKAfile’s archives, however it can be found here , or here via the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. While the article’s obvious intent was to offer support that Arab terrorists were responsible for 9/11, the news organization appears to have initially supported an “inside job” theory of the terror attacks, where an Al Qaeda cell was able to penetrate the US government. As it turns out, DEBKAfile’s article may have been the very first 9/11 “conspiracy theory” article ever published!

The most interesting of DEBKAfile’s suspicions was that the US military’s entire security apparatus and defense system “was muffled, disarmed from the inside,” and that Osama bin Laden or a senior associate “must have been able to plant agents inside the US military and intelligence services” for the attacks to have been carried out. Now that the public has an official government account of the events via the 9/11 Commission, DEBKAfile’s article can be examined from essentially two views:

1) DEBKAfile’s summary contradicts the 9/11 Commission.

2) DEBKAfile’s summary supports alternative accounts of 9/11 (conspiracy theories).

Fortunately, for the true intellectuals and academics who look down on conspiracy theories, it’s a good thing that we had an official, non-partisan 9/11 investigation that was able to put some of DEBKAfile’s wild conclusions to rest.

DEBKAfile’s initial analysis contradicts the 9/11 Commission

Consider DEBKAfile’s claim that the pre-planning of 9/11 “involved hundreds if not thousands” of participants. While the official 9/11 Commission agrees that the attack took years of planning, its account of who planned and executed the attacks doesn’t even exceed thirty men. This is if we include Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, Zacarias Moussaoui and (stretching a bit) Osama bin Laden’s driver, Salim Ahmed Hamdan.

If we are to accept the 9/11 Commission’s report and reject DEBKAfile’s claims, these were twenty or so of the hardest working men ever; doing the work of more than 100, possibly 1000 individuals! As evil and cold-blooded as these terrorists were, one must admire their efficiency and dedication to their craft!

Moving on to the amount of cash it took to pull off the attacks, DEBKAfile claims “large sums of cash must have moved between countries.” “Large” is a relative term, and they don’t state exactly how large an amount of money was used, but again, the 9/11 Commission appears to run contrary with DEBKAfile’s claims.

Officials on the 9/11 Commission seem to marvel at how these thrifty terrorists only ran up a tab of around $400,000 – $500,000 in preparation for the attacks of 9/11. [Zelikow, 9/11 Commission Report, p. 169] This amount included, for nineteen men (possibly more), flight lessons, various cross-country jaunts, international travel, food and lodging, rental cars, incidentals, alcohol, cocaine and gambling for some, and even the occasional lap dance!

The 9/11 Commission was, however, unable to determine exactly where these funds came from, but it was determined that Al Qaeda was the primary funding source for the highjackers. It was believed by the commission, that Al Qaeda used a secretive, shadowy, ancient system of money transfer used by Muslims called hawala. The 9/11 Commission also noted that they could not trace the money to any one foreign nation or any domestic source. [Zelikow, 9/11 Commission Report, p. 171]

DEBKAfile hypothesized that somehow US defenses must have been “muffled” and “disarmed from the inside.” It was further suggested that Osama bin Laden or Al Qaeda members were somehow able to infiltrate various US intelligence and military establishments.

Unfortunately, for the DEBKAfile conspiracy theorists, the 9/11 Commission’s official government account makes no mention of the infiltration of any intelligence or defense establishments by bin Laden or any of his associates. The 9/11 Commission does state that Richard Clarke of the National Security Council, mentioned the possibility of sleeper cells having existed in the US, but no evidence was ever presented to support that claim. [Zelikow, 9/11 Commission Report, p. 263]


DEBKAfile’s initial analysis supports 9/11 Truth

As previously stated, even though DEBKAfile’s claims and early analysis of the events of 9/11 essentially support the US government and mainstream media’s “Arab conspiracy theory,” in many ways they align with modern day alternative accounts of 9/11 and the subsequent aftermath.

For instance, DEBKAfile reported on the possibility that the alleged 19 highjackers received some assistance by airport personnel at Boston’s Logan International Airport in order to board Flight 11, and that “hundred of suspected accomplices were to be detained for interrogation.”This substantiates the claim made on many alternative websites which conclude that the Israeli security firm ICTS International and its subsidiary, Huntleigh USA, was responsible for allowing the alleged terrorists to board Flight 11.

ICTS is currently headed by convicted criminal Menachem Atzmon and his business partner Ezra Harel. Former members of the Shin Bet (Israeli equivalent of the FBI) and Tel Aviv’s El Al Airport security established ICTS in 1982. In January 2010, Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz reported that allegations were being leveled at ICTS for being responsible for allowing the Christmas day “underwear bomber,” Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to board Northwest flight 253 at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

Alternative websites mirror DEBKAfile’s claim that US defenses must have been “muffled” and “disarmed from the inside,” only DEBKAfile asserts that Arab terrorists had infiltrated some sectors, while many 9/11 truth sites alleged that various military drills, like NORAD’s Vigilant Guardian, which occurred at the same time as the attacks, were used as smokescreens.

It has been well documented that the Vigilant Guardian terror drills initially caused some confusion for its participants, who thought the first reports of the hijackings were “part of the exercise.” Vigilant Guardian also happened to have been practicing their responses to a simulated plane hijacking in which terrorists plan to blow up a hijacked airliner over New York City.

And what of DEBKAfile’s claim that “hundreds if not thousands” of participants had to have been involved in the planning and execution of 9/11? A growing number of alternative news sites and 9/11 researchers now conclude that the suspicious activity of several groups of Israelis, as well as a large Israeli spy ring that was uncovered before, during and after 9/11, were connected to the attacks.

In the now infamous FOX News investigative report, “Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.” featuring Carl Cameron, it was reported that at least sixty Israelis were rounded up after 9/11, and there had been as many as 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested after 9/11. This may or may not include the “five dancing Israelis,” who were the very first suspects to have been arrested in connection to the attacks, or the various other Israelis who were arrested and detained after 9/11.

This appears to correspond with the estimated amount of Arab participants DEBKAfile concluded must have been involved in 9/11. FOX News had also discovered that the spy ring “targeted and penetrated military bases.” The DEA, FBI, dozens of government facilities, and even unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel were allegedly targeted. Again, we are seeing a direct parallel to DEBKAfile’s initial conclusion of the infiltration of “agents inside the US military and intelligence services.”

While Cameron assured his viewers that there was no evidence that Israel was directly involved with the attacks, we were also told”evidence linking these Israelis to 9/11 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It’s classified information.”


It’s easy to see that immediately after the attacks, DEBKAfile attempted to create the fictitious idea that Arab terrorist cells existed all over the United States, and could launch more attacks at any time. Readers must simultaneously accept that DEBKAfile acted as a propaganda mouthpiece for Israeli military and intelligence objectives, and at the same time, respect DEBKAfile’s analysis on how the terror attacks must have been carried out.

The irony is that most of DEBKAfile’s initial claims on how 9/11 was carried out can be used as evidence to support credible, alternative theories, and even more ironic that the evidence along with DEBKAfile’s initial analysis suggests that 9/11 was an Israeli military and intelligence black operation.

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  1. Rainbow Warrior said, on April 2, 2010 at 6:52 pm

    Full El Al flight took off on 9/11 from JFK to Tel Aviv http://wp.me/p4271-1Xy

    Then of course there was 2.5 trillion dollars missing out of the US coffers which was reported the day before 9/11 that still to my knowledge has never been accounted for. Seems an US gov employee with Israeli/US duel citizenship was taking care of said money. Maybe it was used to pay for 9/11

    ICTS got off the hook as it was stipulated in the Patriot act no lawsuits could be filed against them.
    The underpants bomber was just a scam to sell Scanners and gee if it didn’t work. Seems US gov employee with US/Israeli citizenship was trying to sell those scanners for some time.
    It is all rather interesting isn’t it?
    The official story is pure BS.

  2. maasanova said, on April 2, 2010 at 8:06 pm

    The ICTS airport scam is a dead givaway. These criminals don’t even care who knows about their crimes anymore they are just going for it.

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