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NY secret police arrest alternative media journalist

Posted in Constitutional Crisis, Corruption by maasanova on March 30, 2009


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Over the weekend, 9/11 activist and founder of the activist group, Luke Rudowski and two other members of the group WeAreChange were arrested and jailed by NYPD and secret police for allegedly trespassing and falsifying media credentials.  The group, who make popular YouTube videos confronting politicians and media figures and asking them tough questions, were attempting to confront New York mayor and media mogul Michael Bloomberg. WeAreChange has previously confronted Mayor Bloomberg while he was on his monthly ride on the subway with the commoners. Watch the video below:

While we must commend Alex Jones and his staff for fighting tyrannical government and law enforcement, we also need to point out that Jones and his journalist Kurt Nimmo, who broke this story, left out important aspects to this story: Mayor Bloomberg is one of the many elite Zionist Jews with intimate ties to September 11 and the current financial crisis on Wall Street.

Bloomberg is the chairman of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum at the World Trade Center,  and is a general partner of the Salmon Brothers, a Wall Street investment bank. The WTC 7, which was also known as the Salomon Brother’s building, was owned by Zionist Larry Silverstein, one of the financiers behind the black op that was 9/11.

Bloomberg was one of Israel’s staunchest defenders from the US, and supported Israel Defense Force’s murdering Palestinians indiscriminately during it’s three week long Gaza incursion. But what is the concerning about Bloomberg are his efforts to subvert local election laws and run for a third term as mayor, an act that is overwhelmingly unpopular with New York City residents. As mayor of New York, Bloomberg has tried to enact many laws and measures that are anti-constitutional. He supports an open Zionist police state.

Rudowski has received death threats and was previously threatened for arrest on trumped up charges by the Silverstein’s secret police.


Obama & Biden to protect Bush administration criminals

Posted in Barack Obama, Constitutional Crisis, Cover Up, Left-Right Paradigm by maasanova on December 23, 2008

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, December 22, 2008

It’s par for the course for Obama and Biden, the men who promised “change” but in every step of their preparations for assuming office have pursued nothing but continuity, to acknowledge that they will protect criminals in the Bush administration from prosecution for authorizing torture, a complete violation of both the U.S. constitution and the Geneva Conventions.

When asked by ABC host George Stephanopoulos if top level Bush administration officials would be prosecuted for mandating prisoner abuse, Biden said that he and Obama would be “focusing on the future,” adding “I think we should be looking forward, not backwards.”

Such rhetoric goes to the very heart of the gigantic con job the “Obama change” hoax has wrought upon millions of befuddled Americans who naively presumed that voting for the lesser of two evils would result in anything other than more evil.

Perhaps Göring, Ribbentrop and the rest of the Nazis prosecuted at Nuremberg for their war crimes were following the wrong line of defense when they claimed they were merely “following orders,” they should have just proclaimed that the world should be “looking forward not backwards” and according to the Biden/Obama view of justice, they would have got off scot free.

Likewise, pedophiles and rapists who abuse children and women in ways not far removed from what was approved at Abu Ghraib should merely tell police that since the abuse and rape occurred in the past, everybody should just move on, “looking forwards not backwards”.

Obama and Biden, with their de-facto pardons of the Bush administration torture masters, are ensuring that what happened at places like Abu Ghraib, including beating people to death, raping people with acid covered batons and sexual abuse of children, will continue to happen in future without consequence.

Of course, those that protect war criminals from prosecution should be treated no better than the war criminals themselves, and when real “change” comes to America, Obama and Biden will face the same justice as Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld.

If there had been no September 11 attacks

Posted in 9/11, Constitutional Crisis by maasanova on November 27, 2008

On many internet forums and in public discussions about the attacks of September 11, there always seems to be at least one person who bemoans the subject and recommends that since it has been almost eight years that everyone should just forget about it already. This opinion seems to shared by mainstream liberals and conservatives alike, particularly those that uphold the government’s version of 9/11.

This sentiment was recently echoed in twice by the liberal historian and peace activist Howard Zinn, when asked how he felt about the official accounts of 9/11. Steve Watson from the Infowars team reports the following statements by Zinn:

“I have said that what happened on 9/11 deserves to be investigated more than it has been because I don’t accept and believe official investigations and official reports.

I don’t think the question of what really happened on 9/11 is the most important question we can ask.

I believe there are certain things that happen in history and certainly questions that are asked that divert us from the important things that we have to do at hand.

The truth is I don’t think anyone will ever really know what happened on 9/11 just as I don’t think anyone will really know who killed John F. Kennedy, and there are a lot of people who wasted a huge amount of time working on something that did not have any practical political significance.

I don’t know enough about it (the 9/11 conspiracy) and the truth is I don’t much care, that’s past.”

Coming from an alleged critic of US imperialism and perpetual war around the world, these comments sound very strange to me to me, because if there was no 9/11 then technically America would not be bogged down in two wars in the Middle East.

Watson then makes a short list of foreign and domestic policies that would have never been implemented had 9/11 never happened:

Without 9/11 there would be no “war on terror”.

Without 9/11 there would be no “clash of civilizations”

Without 9/11 there would be no war in Afghanistan.

Without 9/11 there would be no war in Iraq.

Without 9/11 there would be no war in Iran.

Without 9/11 there would be no war in… (insert any country classified as part of the “axis of evil” or defined as being “with the terrorists”)

Without 9/11 thousands of U.S. troops would not have been sent to their deaths.

Without 9/11 hundreds of thousands of citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan would not have been sentenced to their deaths.

Without 9/11 there would be no inaction on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

Without 9/11 there would be no civilian contractors in Iraq and the scandal that has followed them would have been averted.

Without 9/11 there would be no false military reporting (Pat Tillman, Jessica Lynch), and no crack down on the freedom of the press (banning photographing the returning coffins).

Without 9/11 there would be no Patriot Act.

Without 9/11 there would be no NSA warrantless wiretapping program.

Without 9/11 there would be no Camp Delta and no Camp X-ray at Guantanamo Bay.

Without 9/11 there would be no Military Commissions Act and no coordinated program of extraordinary rendition, indefinite detention and torture of those defined as “enemy combatants”.

Without 9/11 there would be no vast increase in secrecy and complete militarization of intelligence under the newly created office of the Director of National Intelligence.

Without 9/11 there would not be thousands of dead and dying emergency workers who are suffering crippling and fatal respiratory illnesses.

Without 9/11 there would be no vast increase in military and security spending that goes arm in arm with huge cutbacks in other key social programs (such as levees in New Orleans).

Henry Paulson was behind ‘bailout’ martial law threat

Posted in Constitutional Crisis, Uncategorized by maasanova on November 21, 2008

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet

Inhofe says Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson made dire warnings in conference call on September 19th. Listen to the interview here.

Senator James Inhofe has revealed that Henry Paulson was behind the threats of martial law and a new great depression prior to the passage of the bailout bill, having made such warnings during a conference call on September 19th, around two weeks before the legislation was eventually approved by both the Senate and Congress.

As we reported at the time, on October 2, Democratic Congressman Brad Sherman gave a stunning speech on the House floor during which he decried the fact that, “Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day, another couple of thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.”

Speaking on Tulsa Oklahoma’s 1170 KFAQ, when asked who was behind threats of martial law and civil unrest if the bailout bill failed, Senator James Inhofe named Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson as the source.

“Somebody in D.C. was feeding you guys quite a story prior to the bailout, a story that if we didn’t do this we were going to see something on the scale of the depression, there were people talking about martial law being instituted, civil unrest….who was feeding you guys this stuff?,” asked host Pat Campbell.

“That’s Henry Paulson,” responded Inhofe, “We had a conference call early on, it was on a Friday I think – a week and half before the vote on Oct. 1. So it would have been the middle … what was it – the 19th of September, we had a conference call. In this conference call – and I guess there’s no reason for me not to repeat what he said, but he said – he painted this picture you just described. He said, ‘This is serious. This is the most serious thing that we faced.’”

Inhofe said that Paulson told members of Congress the crisis would be “far worse than the great depression” if Congress didn’t authorize the bill to buy out toxic debt, a proposal “which he abandoned the day after he got the money,” added Inhofe.


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Israeli companies spied on Americans after 9/11

Posted in 9/11, Constitutional Crisis, Israel by maasanova on November 21, 2008

Press TV

The US entrusted Israeli intelligence services with spying on Americans after the 9/11 attacks, an intelligence journalist has revealed

In the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the White House launched a massive program to spy on millions of Americans, best-selling author James Bamford has claimed in his latest book, The Shadow Factory: The Ultra-Secret NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America.

Bamford is a celebrated journalist who writes about US intelligence agencies.

According to the author, the National Security Agency (NSA) was tasked with monitoring ‘billions of private hard-line, cell, and wireless telephone conversations; text, e-mail and instant Internet messages; Web-page histories, faxes, and computer hard drives’.

The two largest American telecom companies AT&T and Verizon collaborated with the NSA, assisting the federal government in eavesdropping on their customers.

Bamford maintains that the bugging of the entire two networks, ‘carrying billions of American communications every day’, were handed to two companies founded in Israel.

Verint and Narus, the two Israeli corporations, are ‘super intrusive — conducting mass surveillance on both international and domestic communications 24/7,’ and sifting traffic at ‘key Internet gateways’ around the US, Bamford claims.

“The greatest potential beneficiaries of this marriage between the Israeli eavesdroppers and America’s increasingly centralized telecom grid are Israel’s intelligence agencies,” Bamford writes.

According to Electronic Intifada, there has yet to be a congressional oversight of the Israeli intelligence-linked firms operating in the heart of the US security establishment.

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