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How Raw Story Obscures the Ethnicities of Suspects Accused of Criminal Activity

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Under The Radar Media

Raw Story is the popular liberal news blog that is just to the left of the Huffington Post. It used to be a pretty decent source for quick news updates of the day, that is, until the election of President Barack Obama. It’s now just a propaganda arm of the Media Matters/Southern Poverty Law Center political correct mafia, and their stories are now primarily the typical far-left, Marxist and pro-homosexual agitation variety.

On November 25, 2014, Raw Story ran with a salacious local news item about a high school girl who stands accused of running a prostitution ring on Facebook. The screenshot below shows Raw Story editors using a Shutterstock image of a young Caucasian girl to portray seventeen year old suspect, Alexa Nicole De Armas.


The Shutterstock image used above brings to mind the type of young girl you see in a typical suburban neighborhood who shops with her yoga pants-wearing soccer Mom at the local Whole Foods. The actual photo of Alexa Nicole De Armas (shown in the screenshot below) shows that the image Raw Story wanted to plant in the minds of their readers is far from reality.


Why Raw Story routinely portrays criminal suspects who are non-white/people of color, as Caucasians via stock images, should at best raise serious questions about its journalist integrity. Too see a photo of the real suspect, all you had to do was click on the news link that Raw Story used in the article, or simply put “Alexa Nicole De Armas” into your favorite search engine, so perhaps Raw Story assumes their readers are either too lazy or too stupid to even do that. Maybe they are right!

Even more disturbing than Raw Story falsely portraying the perpetrator was reading through the comments section. Raw Story readers are mostly feminists, pro-homosexual heterosexuals, radical LGBT cultists and other assorted Marxist agitators so their comical assumptions and unsophisticated, childlike conclusions of news stories from imagined information based on their own politically correct bias is the order of the day. Raw Story readers routinely use gutter language involving toilet humor and sex, so a good number of them were applauding the fact that their (paraphrasing) standard, conservative-looking little White girl could get dirty and play in the gutter with the rest of the trendy sex-obsessed degenerates. They loved the fact that their lily-white criminal could be such an entrepreneurial individual, at such an early age, since prostitution is the world’s oldest profession and all.

The good thing about Raw Story is that the comments section is so heavily moderated and troll-infested that you can often shame the editors and other readers by simply noting that they are using stock photos of Caucasians to portray suspects of non-White heritage. To continue to appear credible and not raise suspicions with more intelligent readers, they may quickly remove the offending image and replace it with something more innocuous, but very rarely do they use the correct image.



Why Did The Police Shooting of Michael Brown Receive National Attention While The Police Shooting of Samantha Ramsey Did Not?

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  Victim: Samantha Rasey

Ethnicity: Caucasian

Age (at time of death): 19

Brief synopsis of incident: The victim was with friends and was shot multiple times and killed after a questionable incident with a White police officer who claimed to have feared for his life. Most people in the United States and much of the Western world have probably never even heard of the shooting death of Samantha Ramsey. You can read about the case here and view the picture of the scratch Officer Brockman received on his foot which made him fear for his life and the lives of others.

Victim: Michael Brown

Ethnicity: African-American

Age (at time of death): 18

Brief synopsis of incident: The victim was with a friend and was shot multiple and killed after a questionable encounter with a White police officer who claimed to have feared for his life. Most people in the Western world now know many details about the case, but for comparison’s sake, you can read a timeline here.


Click image to enlarge

A Google News search for “Samantha Ramsey,” conducted on November 27, 2014 yielded only about 11,800 results. A Google News search for for “Michael Brown,” conducted on November 27, 2014 yielded about 179,000,000 results, or just over 150% more online news coverage. The White House released a statement on behalf of President Obama himself over the shooting death of Michael Brown, but there was no statement by the White House for the shooting death of Samantha Ramsey. Conclusion Obviously, there are problems with race, crime and police violence in America. However, due to the media’s selective reporting, their decisions to highlight specific incidents while downplaying and/or ignoring other incidents only highlights a truly sinister bias. One should question the obvious disparity in the coverage between the two events and begin to question why the people who control the media do what they do.

Click image to read about big media ownership


Banned From Raw Story For Mentioning This Video

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Partisan political forums and the comment section of most news websites are notorious for their “no talk” rules. The following screenshot was from a brief exchange on the progressive news blog Raw Story, where one commenter dared to discuss the video Six Million Jews – 1915 to 1938. The result of the mere mention of this video resulted in an immediate permaban by Chromatophore, one of Raw Story’s gatekeeping cyber-nannies. I wonder why Chromatophore and other internet forum moderators are so afraid of open discussion regarding this video, which contains no offensive, false or illegal content matter.

And following Chromatophore was Raw Story’s amen crowd:

TheSailor> Chromatophore •
Sometimes I wonder why the mods here make their decisions.
Not in this case.
Thank you.
3 △ ▽

Mickey Bitsko> Guest •
I don’t know who’s more pathetic, the weirdo who concocted that video or you for believing him.
1 △ ▽

Complete silence from the Anti-Defamation League on racist Obama hate video

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Click here to watch a video that was banned on YouTube

The ADL-controlled YouTube censored my version of this video , and the only other existing copy on YouTube was also censored by the YouTube monitors. Find out what they don’t want you to see and watch “Complete silence from the Anti-Defamation League on racist Obama hate video” here , here or here.

I noticed that as of June 6, 2009, the Anti-Defamation League had not yet issued a statement condemning the Zionist hate video that surfaced on June 3, 2009 and since created a firestorm on the internet. I created a response video to note that there was a complete non-response on the issue by the ADL, and to offer some commentary to the video in general. Mondoweiss, the group that made the original video, has some very interesting commentary on the ongoing controvery this has caused, as well as Gawker,  who broke the story about Huffington Post censoring the video .

The Anti-Defamation League purports to fight bigotry, racism and intolerance, but it has been noted here at Under The Radar Media that the organization selectively  chooses which issues that it wants to address. HR 1913, the House version of the hate crime bill, was authored by the ADL and they hailed it’s controversial passage on April 29, 2009. While the bill purports to protect gays and minoritys, it’s true intention is to make criticism of Israel and Zionism a “hate crime.”


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